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John Birdsall

  1. the grub street diet
    John Birdsall Knows Salsa Can Save Sous-Vide Turkey“There’s a lesson here … that the Mexican market can save a fearsome load of aspirational tech protein from blandness and, ultimately, despair.”
  2. The Chain Gang
    Birdsall Unimpressed With Cantina Bell Menu at Taco BellIt’s Taco Bell’s answer to Chipotle, and not even as middling-good, apparently.
  3. The Other Critics
    Unterman Calls Cupola ‘Extraordinary’; Jasper’s Gets aAlso, John Birdsall returns to Addie’s Pizza Pie in Berkeley.
  4. Trends
    Let’s Discuss the State of ‘Asian Fusion’ Just One More TimeJohn Birdsall tackles the subject of the ‘new generation of Asian Fusion’ and we wish the term would just go away.
  5. Oeno-File
    Whither the Wine Bars of 2006?
  6. Go Ask Alice
    The Last Chez Panisse/Alice Waters Tribute Piece of the WeekJohn Birdsall’s sort of new angle on the Chez Panisse legacy is a back-handed compliment.
  7. Lists
    Eat Your Weight In Porchetta in the East BayThe one to beat is still Roli Roti.
  8. The Other Critics
    The East Bay Gets a New-Old Food Critic: John Birdsall
  9. The Other Critics
    Birdsall Calls The Brixton ‘Fake, and Sad’; Matthews Is Mixed AboutPatti U. does recommend the corned beef and cabbage at the Irish Bank, if not the evening crowds.
  10. Beef
    JapaCurry Saga Continues, SFoodie’s All Over ItWatch as Birdsall gets all Magnum P.I. on the ass of this woman who’s trying to fuck with a food truck.
  11. Truckin’
    51st State, a New Food Truck, Launches in the FiDiA new lunch truck opens today at Drumm and Washington.
  12. Quote of the Day
    Birdsall Pens Burrito Poetry
  13. Beef
    Tired of Its Old Friends, the Ferry Building Shops for New OnesLulu Petite and Tsar Nicolai Caviar didn’t leave willingly; their leases weren’t renewed.
  14. The Other Critics
    Il Cane Rosso Wins For Newness; Bacco Still Solid After All These YearsBirdsall raves about Il Cane Rosso, and Reidinger still likes the sixteen-year-old Bacco.
  15. Beef
    Vendor’s Deportation Plight Sparks Strangely Vicious Blog WarMission Mission and SFoodie at each other’s throats over coverage of Amuse Bouche guy’s possible deportation.
  16. Other Magazines
    Meredith Brody Fired From SF WeeklyLongtime critic’s last review will run tomorrow.