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John “je” Englebert

  1. Quote of the Day
    JE Englebert, PreservationistThe classiest man in clubbing hopes to bring back Plato’s Retreat.
  2. Marketing Gimmicks
    JE Englebert Makes Natural Transition Into Politics, via Naked CowboyThe club owner and self-described “marketing genius” is at it again.
  3. Truckin’
    Pizza Truck Officially Rolls OutCheck out the adorable chef’s-hat mascot!
  4. Models and Bottles
    JE Leaves the PartyIt’s official: JE Englebert says he won’t be throwing parties at Tavern on the Green.
  5. Models and Bottles
    JE Englebert Banned From His Own ‘Disco’ at Tavern on the GreenYou might want to think twice before dropping the “nightlife lord“‘s name at the door.
  6. Models and Bottles
    JE Englebert Plans to Turn Tavern on the Green Into Weekly ‘Disco’He and an “all star night club team” want to turn the hallowed grounds into a “trendy club.”
  7. Models and Bottles
    Reformed (?) Bottle-Pusher Starts New Yorkers Against Bottle ServiceJohn ‘JE’ Englebert is aiming to be the Patron Saint of Drunk Chicks.
  8. Models and Bottles
    Pot, Kettle, Black? JE Englebert Plans to Sue for TackinessHe’s not happy that a McDonald’s has been installed in his classy apartment building.
  9. Models and Bottles
    Economy Be Damned: Bottle $ervi¢e Alive and Well at MarqueeThough there’s a slight dip in sales, Noah Tepperberg doesn’t see any reason to discontinue the luxury service.
  10. Models and Bottles
    Is Prime Really Throwing Out the Bottles, or Are They Just Full of It?We tried to take advantage of the club’s new stance against bottle-service pressures and were told: “5 PEOPLE IS 2 BOTTLES MINIUME.”
  11. Models and Bottles
    The Last Days of Bottle Service?Nightlife types pontificate on the future of the industry’s most hated institution.
  12. Top Chef
    John ‘JE’ Englebert Threatens to Rip Ilan Hall’s Head OffThe self-proclaimed ‘Nightlife Lord’ is stunned that the Top Chef won’t be working at his new restaurant.
  13. NewsFeed
    Prime Upstages 1 Oak by Offering Lindsay Lohan $11KIn a ploy to ride the publicity coattails of 1 Oak, where Lindsay Lohan is said to have taken someone else’s fur coat, a rival club owner is offering to take LiLo on a $11,000 shopping spree.
  14. Openings
    Suzie Wong Gives Us a Case of Déjà Vu When we first told you about Suzie Wong, the lounge “nightlife lord” JE Englebert and his partners are opening this Thursday in their old Pre:Post space at 547 West 27th Street, we noted that Lotus once had a café named after the fictitious hooker with a heart of gold. That said, you’d think Lord Englebert would make sure his logo looks nothing like Lotus’s! Or are we the only ones who see the resemblance? And are we the only ones who are hesitant to visit a sake lounge that spells it “saki”? Sure, it’s technically an acceptable alternative, but we’re not surprised it’s the preferred spelling of someone whose other club is Myst [sic]. Earlier: Club to Open in (Rather Than Flee) West Chelsea