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  1. Leftovers
    Joe & MissesDoe Opens; BrisketTown’s Madison Square Eats TacosPlus: trivia at the Leadbelly, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  2. Quote of the Day
    Joe Dobias on the ‘Cheffing Game’Rapid expansion isn’t always a good thing, he says.
  3. Bad Form
    JoeDoe Cook Accused of AssaultHe allegedly punched a woman and kicked her dog right outside the restaurant.
  4. Grub Guides
    Beyond Apples and Honey: Where to Dine for Rosh HashanahOur guide to a sweet new year.
  5. The Grub Street Diet
    Chef Joe Dobias Eats Goat Potpie on His Day Off, Feasts at Village Yokocho After“I don’t consider going out to eat to be my job or anything, it’s just what I love to do. It’s my fancy sneakers, my nice shirt. I don’t buy that stuff, I do the dinner out.”
  6. Openings
    Joe Dobias Will Open a Sandwich Shop This FallMile End Sandwich isn’t the only sliced-bread specialist opening downtown.
  7. Neighborhood Watch
    ‘Small Animal’ Dinner at JoeDoe; Summer Luaus at Reunión SurfPlus: a Belgian beer fest, free sundaes at DBGB, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  8. Lists
    Checking In With the Feast RankJoeDoe ranks above Union Square Café?
  9. Twitterverse
    It’s JoeDoe vs. FauxDoe! (Plus: Ryan Skeen and JoeDoe Collide)The latest from the toques who tweet.
  10. Beef
    JoeDoe vs. JoeLeo: Dobias Curses Out the Joseph Leonard“Food was shit and the sheep were shoveling it down!”
  11. What to Eat
    Having a Ball With Lamb and Deer TesticlesFirst of all, they tend to explode. Plus, try lamb testicles at Joe Doe.
  12. Beef
    Does Joe Dobias Want to Inflict Bodily Harm on Grub Street?The “aggressive American” chef seems to be cruising for a bruising.
  13. TV Land
    Joe Doe’s No-NosDon’t come to JoeDoe just because you saw him on ‘Chopped.’
  14. Personalities
    Today in JoeDoeLand: ‘Impeech Obama!’The “aggressive American” chef is at it again.
  15. Personalities
    Joe Dobias and Ryan Skeen Bark Back at BloggersA couple of chefs are using Twitter to vent about the blogosphere.
  16. TV Land
    Joe Doe Hits Television, Somehow Isn’t Famous YetThe chef who called out reviewers, bloggers, and publicists finally got his big moment on an extraordinary episode of ‘Chopped.’
  17. Blechtacular
    The Joys of Summer: Lobster Ice CreamPlus, a $22 lobster dinner deal.
  18. What to Eat
    Extreme Sandwiching: Adventures in Questionable Flavor CombosThe “cheeseburger club” at Friendly’s and the bacon-infused ice-cream sandwich at JoeDoe.
  19. Beef
    Joe Doe Coda: “You Will Make Me Famous, and for That I Love You LittlePlus, Joe Doe doesn’t hate all bloggers!
  20. Beef
    Chef Joe Doe Speaks Out About the New York Dining CircusThe outspoken chef lets loose about bloggers, critics, PR, and his neighbor across the way, Prune.
  21. Menu Changes
    An Offer You Can’t Refuse: Pickled Duck Eggs and Cheap Alcohol at JoeDoeThe restaurant launches a new happy-hour menu.
  22. Cocktails
    Tap Wine and Beer Cocktails Just Above HoustonBeer mixed with bourbon, espresso, and peanut dust?
  23. Menu Changes
    JoeDoe Is Now Delivering Tongue SandwichesOne Conflicted Jew sandwich, coming right up!
  24. Recession Is Your Friend
    Cub Room Is Taking This Recession-Menu Thing a Bit FarBecause when you’re out to eat, do you really want to be reminded you’re not getting a bonus this year?
  25. Recession Is Your Friend
    JoeDoe Names Its New Prix Fixe After New York’s Most Hated ManWhat exactly is on a ‘Madoff menu’?
  26. Brunch
    Biscuits and GravyYet another restaurant is doing an upscale version for brunch.
  27. The Other Critics
    No Stars for Secession, But Oak Room Is RevivedPlus: Gael Greene on Shang and Alan Richman on Txikito, in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  28. The Other Critics
    Time Out’s Favorite 100 Foods of the Year Are a Celebration ofBacon! Sausage! Pig tails!
  29. Brunch
    Biscuit Alert: Commerce Launches Sunday BrunchPlus, doughnuts lend credence to Jack Donaghy’s statement that New York is off cupcakes.
  30. Top Chef
    ‘Top Chef’ Truck Report: Richard on Burgers, and Andrew’sRichard Blais and Andrew D’Ambrosi talk to Grub Street about their plans for the future.
  31. Booze News
    Sweet, Sweet Liquor Finally Flows at JoeDoeAnd we’ve got the drinks list.
  32. Other Critics
    Bruni Blasts Delicatessen; Apiary Looks Good, Tastes MehAlso in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews: I Sodi, Libertine, JoeDoe, and Five Napkin Burger.
  33. Brunch Wars
    Battle of the BrunchesCan JoeDoe lure away Prune’s brunchkins?
  34. NewsFeed
    Which Wine Bar Will Protesters Rage Against Now?Now that he has called off the fight against Bowery Wine Bar, we have some suggestions for a new bogeyman.
  35. NewsFeed
    A First Look at JoeDoe, Opening Next WeekWill buffalo brisket be to JoeDoe what monkfish liver was to Prune across the way?
  36. Neighborhood Watch
    Conveyer-Belt Sushi Rolls Into the West Village; 5 Napkin Burger Opens TomorrowBar Olivino opens in Clinton Hill and the Upper East Side’s new steakhouse, in today’s neighborhood food news.
  37. NewsFeed
    CB3: All Systems Go for JoeDoeAnd Frank, of Frank, is forced to defend himself against noise complaints.
  38. NewsFeed
    Neighbor Defends JoeDoe Against Fellow NeighborsA reader expresses his consternation that JoeDoe might have trouble securing a license to sell booze.
  39. NewsFeed
    New Neighbor JoeDoe Plans to Out-Prune PrunePrune will be getting some competition next month — private chef Joe Dobias will offer the neighborhood “exactly what that used to be.”