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Jj’s Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge

  1. Closings
    Another Dive Down: Brooklyn’s ‘Scariest Bar’ Is No LongerThe Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge has been gutted.
  2. Nightlife
    Got Any Good Dive-Bar Stories?Matt Levy, Joshua M. Bernstein, and Rachel Wharton sure do!
  3. Endangered
    Navy Yard Go-Go Dive Is Really Just a Nice, Quiet PlaceBrooklyn’s “scariest bar” is where everyone knows your name (and where the bartender’s name is Mystique.
  4. For Sale
    Dive in Danger: Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge May Lose Its HomeOne of the city’s truly gritty watering holes, the Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge, may not have long for this world.