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    Two New Spots Have BYOBers Crossing Delancey The culinary colonization of the Lower–Lower East Side continues apace. Last month sushi newcomer Jin brought an $80 omakase menu, though no alcohol, to a former hosiery shop on Broome Street. Around the corner, Diane Wongprasert (owner of Regional Thai Taste, Pad Thai, and Sa-Woy) has just opened Sticky Rice, a casual, quietly stylish spot that specializes in the northeastern Thai tradition of barbecuing with spicy lemongrass marinades but does not serve beer or wine. Side dishes include a thick, chewy slab of Thai bacon, grilled corn glazed in coconut sauce, and of course all manner of sticky rice (turmeric, pandana, etc.). If ginger tea doesn’t cut it, there’s a liquor store a few blocks east on Delancey. — Daniel Maurer Jin, 252 Broome St., nr. Orchard St.; 212-979-0989. Sticky Rice, 85 Orchard St., nr. Broome St.; 212-274-8208.