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Jim Gaffigan

  1. Dinner Parties
    Jim Gaffigan’s Epic Ansel Dessert FestOne Saturday afternoon, after the children had run off all their excess energy in the park, they found Ansel at their apartment, laden with boxes of his latest desserts.
  2. The Chain Gang
    Jim Gaffigan Got Free McDonald’s for Everyone at His ShowWe’re torn on how to feel about this.
  3. Interviews
    Jim Gaffigan on Delicious-Looking Celebrities and Being ‘the Opposite of a“Halle Berry looks delicious.”
  4. Video Feed
    Jim Gaffigan Has Lots of Thoughts on Subway“I go there, and not just because it’s fun watching a clinically depressed person throw together your sandwich.”
  5. Menu Changes
    675 Bar Expands Menu, But We’re Still Stuck on the Ham-Wrapped Hot PocketsFinally, a look at the chocolate-covered bacon on a stick!