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Jerry Brown

  1. Celebrity Settings
    Jerry Brown Likes Hot Italian in Emeryville; Mandy Patinkin Dines at Universal
  2. Jerry Brown
    Governor Jerry Brown Loves Burrito KingHe stopped by this week for a machaca burrito, doing his part to balance the budget.
  3. Beer Me
    Gov. Jerry Brown Boosts Legitimacy of Barrel-Aged BeerThe governor signed a law that clarifies it’s beer, not a distilled spirit.
  4. Mediavore
    Jerry Brown Frees Food Stamps From Finger Print Scans; The Five Best IPAsThe Governor eradicates some of the tougher requirements for food stamp users.
  5. Food Politics
    California’s ‘Food Deserts’ Get Help From the StatePoor neighborhoods need plums too.
  6. Booze You Can Use
    Jerry Brown Says Yes to Sangria, Infused VodkaThe ABC will finally allow you to steep some lemon peels in your Stoli.
  7. Celebrity Settings
    Rob Lowe Dines at Elite Café; Jerry Brown Drops In at Rudy’sAlso, Ted Kennedy Jr. was at Prospect.
  8. The Presidential Palate
    The President Meets and Eats With Clooney, Katzenberg, and Spielberg at TavernThe President welcome heavy-weight Hollywood players to a benefit dinner last night.
  9. Mediavore
    Jerry Brown Serves Inaugural Hot Dogs; President Obama Signing More Food SafetyForget shrimp, the new governor is showing considerable restraint when it comes to catering.
  10. Lawsuits
    Jerry Brown Wrongly Implicates Koi In Car Wash Scandal“I would have hoped that the head legal officer of this State would not jump to conclusions on a basis of guilt by association,” says a representative of the restaurant.
  11. Lawsuits
    At The Car Wash: Koi Owners NOT Being Sued For Worker ExploitationAttorney General Jerry Brown rails against the restaurant’s flashy image and yellowtail tartare.