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Jeffrey Jah

  1. NewsFeed
    Team From 1 Oak Makes China Club’s Roof the Height of LuxuryThe Vongerichten-fication of the China Club was a long time coming, and today Steve Lewis reveals that none other than the team behind 1 Oak will be behind the indoor-outdoor rooftop named Eden.
  2. Restroom Report
    A Visit to the Gastropublic Restrooms at Inn LW12thWe’ve already remarked that Jeffrey Jah seems determined to make his new bi-level “gastropub,” the Inn LW12, the meatpacking district’s own little Spotted Pig. The place’s poutine hasn’t quite become the new gnudi, but we still wondered whether the trapping-and-fishing kitsch extended into the bathroom. Could Jah beat the super-cheesiness of the flower paintings that grace the Spotted Pig’s facilities?