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  1. field notes
    The Tin Building Has Everything (Except a Purpose)Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s lovely but lifeless $200 million food hall.
  2. reopening
    At Jean-Georges’s Restaurants, the Coronavirus Has Heightened Tensions Over PaySales have plummeted, and cooks who have been brought back have seen their hourly pay cut.
  3. coronavirus
    Trump’s Team to Save Restaurants: Puck, Keller, and Chick-fil-A’s CEOAnd a bunch of other fast-food executives!
  4. menu changes
    A Vivid New Menu Debuts at Jean-GeorgesAfter 22 years, chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is changing things up at his flagship.
  5. chef shuffle
    One of NYC’s Favorite Pastry Chefs Lands at the ABC RestaurantsKaren DeMasco is now the executive pastry chef of Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s ABC restaurants.
  6. restaurant review
    Finally, a Serious, Sophisticated Seafood Restaurant at the SeaportGlobally accented menu meets picturesque coastal setting at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Fulton.
  7. openings
    Everything You Need to Know About Eating and Drinking at the TWA HotelThe blockbuster mid-century restoration certainly looks the part. Does the food measure up?
  8. openings
    At the Fulton, Jean-Georges Vongerichten Sells Seafood By the SeaportEverything from the menu to the décor is a tribute to the old Fulton Fish Market.
  9. teamwork
    Wayan Is a Mom-and-Pop Joint — From Restaurant RoyaltyOchi and Cédric Vongerichten are behind the new Indonesian restaurant.
  10. restaurant review
    Jean-Georges Updates the Menu and the Mood at the Once-Radical JoJoUnlike back in 1991, when the restaurant first opened, the great chef isn’t out to shock the world here.
  11. reopenings
    JoJo, One of New York’s Most Important Restaurants, Is Open AgainJean-Georges Vongerichten has reopened his very first restaurant after more than a year of renovations.
  12. sexual harassment
    Former Jean Georges Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini Accused of Sexual HarassmentAllegations include simulating sex, touching women inappropriately, and verbal abuse.
  13. restaurant review
    For Jean-Georges, Opening Two Restaurants at Once Yields Mixed ResultsWhile perfecting dosas, juices, and sprout recipes at abcV, Jean-Georges has also found time to roll out the more familiar Public Kitchen.
  14. the dish
    Public Kitchen’s Popcorn-Cheddar Frico Is a Genius Bit of Fusion Snack FoodFried cheese embedded with popcorn, a pairing that conjures deconstructed Smartfood and reflects American culinary ingenuity.
  15. openings
    Inside Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Brand-New NYC Restaurant and CaféThe chef and restaurateur is running the show at the Lower East Side’s Public Hotel.
  16. living memes
    Even Jean-Georges Vongerichten Has Fallen Under Salt Bae’s SpellWhat happens when an unstoppable meme meets a great chef?
  17. anniversaries
    A World-class Chef Celebrates His Flagship Restaurant’s 20th Anniversary“The key to our survival is knowing we can get knocked off at any moment.”
  18. openings
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Vegetable Restaurant, abcV, Is Now OpenThe acclaimed chef serves dosas with fried eggs, morning shakes, and tofu with yuba and ponzu for breakfast and lunch.
  19. Meatpacking Mainstay Spice Market to Close at the End of SeptemberThe 12-year-old hot spot was perhaps the ultimate mid-2000s restaurant.
  20. fall preview 2016
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten Will Open His First Meatless Restaurant in SeptemberabcV will celebrate roots and shoots and leaves without trying to mimic meat.
  21. Empire Building
    Manhattan Will Get Another New Jean-Georges RestaurantThe chef will run food operations at Ian Schrager’s new Public Hotel.
  22. Coming Soon
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten Is the New South Street Seaport KingpinThe chef will open both a seafood-themed marketplace and a restaurant there in 2017.
  23. The Good Life
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Summer Is Off to a Better Start Than YoursNice truck, chef.
  24. Holiday Dining
    How Jean-Georges Vongerichten Cooks a Swanky Vegetarian FeastPrepared in honor of his upcoming raw, veggie-centric restaurant, ABC V.
  25. Stiff Drinks
    Europe’s Most Celebrated Bartender Will Mix Drinks in New York Next WeekIf you’re going to pay $17 for a cocktail, why not pay $17 for one made by one of the best?
  26. Chef Shuffle
    Dan Kluger Leaving ABC Kitchen and ABC CocinaHis last day is June 27. He’ll be working on a solo restaurant.
  27. Platt Chat
    Platt Chat: Multi-Starred Restaurants and the Post-Gourmet Era of DiningHow should star designations play out when every new restaurant has two-star ambitions?
  28. The Other Critics
    Pete Wells Reaffirms Jean Georges’ 4-Star StatusVongerichten’s flagship has still got it.
  29. Platt Chat
    Platt Chat: Empire Building and the Necessity of Restaurant-World StarsNew York’s critic discusses Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Michael White, and the Torrisi team.
  30. Openings
    First Look at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Inn at Pound RidgeThe chef opens his latest restaurant this week.
  31. Coming Soon
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s ABC Home Grown Will Serve ‘Global’J.G.V. likes it raw.
  32. Coming Soon
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten Adding Vegan, Raw Restaurant to ABC PortfolioIt’s coming next spring.
  33. Bookshelf
    Paul Liebrandt on Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Eye-Opening Influence“Here was Jean-Georges, a jet-setting, Prada-wearing original, commanding attention on the world stage as though it were the most natural thing in the world.”
  34. Restaurant Review
    Platt: The Taco Gets the Vongerichten Treatment at ABC CocinaUnlike ABC Kitchen, ABC Cocina seems to have been designed more for grazing than for a sit-down dinner.
  35. Lists
    15 Most Impressive Bits of Cooking Wisdom We Learned at This Weekend’sHere’s what you missed at this year’s New York Culinary Experience.
  36. First Look
    First Look at ABC Cocina, Where Jean-Georges Vongerichten Is Making Tacos andWe spoke to the French chef about his new Latin America-inspired restaurant.
  37. Openings
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s ABC Cocina Opens ThursdayThe Spanish follow-up to ABC Kitchen is just a couple days from being a reality.
  38. Happy Anniversary
    Last Night Wylie Dufresne’s Former Chefs Celebrated wd~50 With Squid andAlso, Tosi made an oozing American cheese dessert.
  39. Anniversaries
    A Decade of Influence: The wd~50 Family TreeIn the ten years since Wylie Dufresne opened his groundbreaking restaurant, his staff has helped redefine New York City’s food landscape.
  40. Leftovers
    Jean-Georges’s Sub Sandwich; Wine Dinner at La SlowteriaPlus: Jean-Georges creates a sandwich to benefit Sandy victims, more benefits, a special wine dinner at La Slowteria in Carroll Gardens, and more in today’s leftovers.
  41. Video Feed
    Vongerichten Asks Achatz a Burning QuestionVongerichten asks Achatz: WTF?
  42. Openings
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten Opening a Massive Food Market at ABC Carpet & HomeJean-Georges Vongerichten is the latest chef to parlay his restaurant chops into a market.
  43. Chefs
    Dying To Hear About The Pump Room? Well, You’re Going To Anyway.Jean-Georges Vongerichten talks about the Pump Room. Twice so far.
  44. Lawsuits
    Vongerichten Sues Developer Over Matsugen Space$400,000 is a lot of soba noodles.
  45. Coming Soon
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten Will Open ABC Cocina This FallThe new restaurant will take over the space currently held by Pipa.
  46. Leftovers
    Free Falafel at Mamoun’s; Big Gay Ice Cream Shakes It UpPlus: military drinks free at Rusty Knot, and more of today’s leftovers.
  47. Food Tour
    Jean-Georges Vongerichten Picks the City’s Best Soup DumplingThe Asian-food-loving toque rates the crop of nouveau soup dumplings — plus one classic.
  48. Now Playing
    Watch Some Michelin-Rated Drama With New Documentary Three StarsGerman filmmaker Lutz Hachmeister follows around nine three-star Michelin-rated chefs in their day-to-day lives, opening a window into the intense world of fine dining kitchens.
  49. The Other Critics
    Pump Room Showdown! Sula: ‘Wildly Divergent Execution,’ Nagrant: ‘A XeroxSula, Nagrant have mixed feelings about the new Pump Room.
  50. Empire Building
    Oh La La: Jean-Georges Opening a Restaurant in Westchester, TooHe’ll be taking over the Inn at Pound Ridge.
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