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  1. the hottest club of 2004
    40/40, 20 Years LaterHow Jay-Z blurred the lines between club, sports bar, and restaurant.
  2. news you can booze
    Jay-Z Probably Has Some New Fans After Dropping $11,000 in TipsHe ran up a $91,135 bar tab during a night out.
  3. Crazy in Love
    Brooklyn’s Brucie Serving Beyoncé-Themed Valentine’s MenuJay-Ziti for everyone.
  4. Special Orders
    Joe Campanale Is Still Waiting on Some Dinner GuestsPretty please?
  5. Down the Shore
    Sammy Hagar Backs Out of Sammy Beach Bar & Grill in Atlantic City; BlamesCaesars says the split was based purely on financial decisions, not the superstorm.
  6. Down the Shore
    Atlantic City’s 40/40 Club Closed Because of FinancialA spokesperson for the club’s landlord calls bullshit on claims that the storm damaged the club.
  7. Closings
    Atlantic City’s 40/40 Club Closed; Hurricane Sandy Isn’t to BlameJay-Z and partners had already decided to not renew the lease before the superstorm hit.
  8. Celebrity Settings
    Jay-Z and Beyonce at Gjelina; Britney Spears Dates New Dude at BanzaiKelly Rowland reportedly broke into tears on Abbot-Kinney following yet another stint as the singer’s third-wheel.
  9. Celebrity Settings
    Two Stars: Where Jay-Z and Beyoncé DineIn case you’re gunning for a sighting.
  10. Trouble Brewing
    Beer and Loathing: Dos Equis ‘Most Interesting Man’ Hosting ObamaMeanwhile, POTUS will be enjoying Armand de Brignac Champagne with Jay-Z.
  11. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Starr Setting Up Morimoto and Buddakan Pop-Ups Backstage at Made In AmericaSure beats missing Skrillex while waiting in a food truck line.
  12. Beef
    Fairmount Restaurateurs Weigh In On Made In America Keeping ThemThe two-day music festival will have some of Fairmount’s restaurants cut off from the world.
  13. Lawsuits
    Ninety-Nine Problems and a Kitchen Is One: Jay-Z Sues ChefIs that really necessary?
  14. The End of the Borough As We Know It
    Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Headed to BrooklynWe’re guessing this is one place that won’t serve artisanal pickles.
  15. Celebrity Settings
    Oprah Winfrey Hits Scarpetta, Buys Homeless Man a MealThe celebrity mogul bought dinner for a homeless man at Scarpetta.
  16. BK
    Jay-Z and Beyoncé Ditch Grammys for LucaliDate night.
  17. C Grade
    Jay-Z’s 40/40 Has About 99 Problems … According to DOHDOH goes Big Pimpin’ at the wrong place.
  18. First Look
    First Look Inside the Revamped 40/40 Club, Where the Armand de Brignac StartsThe club reopens to the public on January 19.
  19. Reopenings
    Jay-Z Unveils His $10 Million BabyThe revamped 40/40 Club will reopen on January 18.
  20. Celebrity Settings
    It’s A Cheeky Night for Jay-Z and KanyePerhaps at our urging, Kanye West expands his Boston food repertoire.
  21. Neighborhood Watch
    New Sarabeth’s in Tribeca; La Esquina Launches Salsa RojaPlus: Eataly offers birthday deals, and more, in our daily round up of neighborhood news.
  22. Celebrity Settings
    Jay-Z Tips Big at Scarpetta; Jennifer Garner Hits Napa Valley GrilleThe rap mogul goes from big pimpin’ to big tippin’!
  23. Reopenings
    What the Revamped 40/40 Club Will Look LikeThere’s a whole lot of champagne!
  24. Celebrity Settings
    David Beckham Gets Stood Up at Ciano; Anthony Bourdain Visits ZioPlus: Daphne Guinness wears a cape to B.E.S., Taylor Swift sings at the Darby, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  25. Celebrity Settings
    Hey-O! Jay-Z at 15 East; Karen O and Mike D at John Dory Oyster BarPlus: James Lipton dines with Chris Rock, Senator Schumer chills in Williamsburg, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  26. Mediavore
    Food Crisis Grows in Africa and North Korea; Eating Out Makes You FatThe rapper plans a U.K.version of 40/40 with soccer player Ashley Cole.
  27. Mediavore
    Food Banks Await DRPA to Deliver on Funding Promises; Eating In RestaurantsPlus: The E.U. resumes food aid to North Korea; Philippine sugar producers boycott Coke, all in our morning news roundup.
  28. Party Life
    Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Will Bust Out the BlingA $10 million renovation will add an eighteen-foot “illuminated bottle display tower” among other features.
  29. Celebrity Settings
    Goldie Hawn Requests ‘Real Food’ at Lavo; Gabriel Byrne BefriendsPlus: Amar’e and Ciara at Fred’s, Victoria Beckham at Norma’s, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  30. Quote of the Day
    Jay-Z: Champagne Mastermind“Everybody should take a lesson who wants to sell wine that sucks.”
  31. Celebrity Settings
    Jay-Z Hits Craft With Lebron James; The Kardashians Hold a Ghost Birthday PartyA week of solid star sightings still gets dominated by the antics of the Kardashian clan.
  32. Celebrity Settings
    Democratic Convention: Bill Clinton at La Petite Maison; Al Gore atPlus: Jennifer Love Hewitt grabs a slice at John’s Pizzeria, Kirsten Dunst dines with a group at Vinegar Hill House, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  33. Celebrity Settings
    Jay-Z Funds Fried Twinkies, Ignores HamJay-Z throws some Benjamins to a Brooklyn wing joint.
  34. Musical Theories
    We’d Totally Listen to a Song About ProsciuttoWe’re pretty sure the new song from Kanye and Jay-Z — called “H.A.M.” — is actually going to be about ham.
  35. Marketing Gimmicks
    Jay-Z’s Memoir Pops Up on Takeout Menus, Tablecloths, and Pizza BoxesAnd even on a spotted pig last night!
  36. Celebrity Settings
    Jay-Z, Beyoncé Court LeBron; Larry David Shoots at Isabella’sPlus: Drew Barrymore enjoyed a ding-dong dessert, Heidi Klum takes the kids to Bar Pitti, and more, in our weekly recap of celebrity sightings.
  37. Mediavore
    DOH Closings Rose in 2009; Who’s Investing in the Lion?Plus: media types invest in the Lion, and etiquette advice from FloFab, all in our morning news roundup.
  38. Mediavore
    Jay-Z Loses Restaurant Lawsuit; Jersey Shore’s Snooki Gobbles DonutsA rap star doesn’t get his way and an MTV star gets stuffed.
  39. Mediavore
    Jay-Z Sues a Tea House; Mark Peel Will Serve Ball GagsAn Alabama tea shop has beef with a Brooklyn rapper and Mark Peel’s Tar Pit flirts with S&M.
  40. Celebrity Settings
    Jay-Z Reveals the Secret Behind Lucali’s PiesYoung Hov is pickier about food than you think.
  41. Celebrity Settings
    Celebrities Are Still Blowing Stupid Money at NelloJay-Z dropped a $500 tip at the recently reviled clip joint.
  42. TV Land
    Jay-Z Shows Everyone He Can Get Into Rao’sJigga’s new video gives us an eye into the red-sauce joint.
  43. Menu Changes
    Menu Makeovers: 40/40 Goes Upscale, Bar Artisanal Does Late-NightA look at the new menus.
  44. Mediavore
    It’s Bagel Day; Plumm Closes After Four YearsPlus: a bizarre petting zoo at a Greenpoint beer shop, and more, all in our morning news roundup.
  45. Mediavore
    Even Jay-Z Has to Wait at Babbo; Whole Foods on UWSPlus: Premixed cocktails are on the rise and a Bronx pizzeria serves coke, all in our morning news roundup.
  46. Vomit
    Meatpuking DistrictJermaine Dupri pukes in Janet Jackson’s lap at Tenjune.
  47. NewsFeed
    Jay-Z and Beyoncé Find No Quarter at La EsquinaThey were seated promptly at Lucali a while ago, but got no such luck at La Esquina.
  48. NewsFeed
    Taavo Somer, the Man Behind the Music at the Rusty KnotDavid Amsden steps into the world of downtown’s most-sought-after tastemaker and learns that he’s the one behind the jukebox at the Rusty Knot.
  49. NewsFeed
    Blogger Got Booted From Lucali for Jay-Z and Beyoncé’The New Yorker’ says the owner wasn’t expecting their visit, but a blogger thinks otherwise.
  50. Blogston Proper: ‘S Punderful
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