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Jason Bell

  1. Beef
    Stupak Says College Critic Is a ‘Liar’ (Updated)“He threatened to sue the restaurant for damages and slandered me.”
  2. The Other Critics
    College Critic Enters ‘Lair of the Beast,’ Reviews Colicchio’sJason Bell, the Columbia ‘Spectator’ critic who didn’t like the “overpriced, grotesque food” at Colicchio & Sons, pays a visit to Riverpark.
  3. The Other Critics
    Columbia Critic Defends Colicchio & Sons Review“I smile at Tom Colicchio’s tweets, at his immature ravings, because they help me understand why Colicchio & Sons is such a horrendous restaurant.”
  4. The Other Critics
    Tom Colicchio Doesn’t Suffer Kid Critics GladlyThe Don wasn’t happy that we posted a review from the Columbia ‘Spectator.’