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  1. Openings
    Miae Lim Leaving Japonais, To Launch New Venture With Mirai ChefJaponais/Mirai co-owner Miae Lim has something new in mind.
  2. Slideshow
    Chicago Gourmet’s Food PornA look at the many foods of Chicago Gourmet.
  3. Mediavore
    A Taste of Whale Meat; Introducing Top Chef: The PornoPlus: learn the hard shake, and tragedy outside of Japonais, all in our morning news roundup.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Lourdes Has Her Birthday at Delicatessen; Penn and Blake Do Billy’s BakeryOur weekly roundup of where the pretty people are eating.
  5. lawsuits
    Update: Was Bouley Suit Originally Dismissed?The landlord also sued him back in May.
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Governor Paterson Eats Fried Chicken at Blue Water Grill; Wintour Does DaOur weekly roundup of who ate where.
  7. Celebrity Settings
    Summer Ends, Even for Rich PeopleSee where the celebrities have been eating, in our weekly roundup of sightings!
  8. Mediavore
    Speakcheesies Still Popular; Restaurant Crime Wave in Park SlopePlus: The Hold Steady shill for ‘Top Chef Masters,’ and money troubles for Webster Hall, all in our morning news roundup.
  9. Lawsuits
    Japonais SuedLawyer Maimon Kirschenbaum strikes again.
  10. NewsFeed
    Finally, a Restaurant Blog We Can Bear EndorsingFrankly, we’re not always flattered to be part of that great, wide, amateurish group of people known as food bloggers. But some blogs we very much admire — like Augieland, based in our own fair city (though sometimes Augie, as the man called himself when we got in touch, does write from the road, too). It’s easy to say whether you love or hate a restaurant. But on this particular site, there’s always a wealth of physical detail: “The starchy thickness of the tartares made the thin chips useless for scooping them, leaving the three of us to use chopsticks to scoop bits onto the chips,” reads a copiously illustrated review of Japonais. But all that work doesn’t mean no play: Augieland doles out ratings using stars seemingly from another galaxy (A Voce earns 211 lewinskibillion stars) and supplements reviews with random, highly enjoyable rants and wonky features, like this one on the quest to make a perfect baguette.
  11. The Gobbler
    The Godzilla RatioIntroducing Adam Platt’s periodic Internet musings, under the pseudonym of the Gobbler. Restaurant critics are used to operating under assumed names (even if we’re usually recognized), so let me explain the etymology of Gobbler. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary (online edition), “to gobble” means “to swallow or eat greedily.” Likewise, a “gobbler” is “a male turkey,” or “one that gobbles.” It’s as fitting a designation as any for someone whose job it is to sit in spangled, overpriced restaurants all night, and sometimes all day, sipping ridiculously festive cocktail drinks, taking not-so-surreptitious notes under the table, smiling wearily as the sixteenth foie gras preparation of the week comes clattering down on the table.