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  1. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Japan Finally Debuts Chocolate-Covered French FriesYour move, Taco Bell.
  2. Okay
    Here’s Chocolate Sliced Like Kraft SinglesGreatest thing since … you know.
  3. Michelin
    A Japanese Ramen Shop Now Has a Michelin StarTokyo’s Tsuta joins the coveted ranks of sushi haunts and kaiseki temples.
  4. Major Achievements
    Noodle Hero Successfully Orders Ramen With 100 Slices of PorkThis is how you raise the bar.
  5. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Japan Just Combined McMuffins With Avocado ToastEveryone has been asking for it.
  6. This Is Weird
    Yes, This Is Ramen Ice CreamAnd, of course, it’s being served by an instant-ramen museum in Japan.
  7. Marketing Gimmicks
    Japanese Chain of ‘Fishing Restaurants’ Finally Planning to Open in“We ask our patrons not to wave the fishing rods around. Just use a gentle dipping motion to snag the fish.”
  8. Gimmicks
    Japan Gets Burgers That Use Tomatoes Instead of BunsIt’s like a way, way healthier take on a Double Down.
  9. Berry Good
    Of Course Japan Has Giant, $8 StrawberriesThese perfect-looking specimens only come in packs of six.
  10. The Chain Gang
    Now Burger King Japan Is Selling Bright-Red BurgersAs a follow-up to its ghastly ink-black sandwiches.
  11. Noodle Innovation
    Japan’s Ramen Baths Are Peak Bone BrothIt’s all about the collagen.
  12. Tie-Ins
    Japan Just Got Its Own Super Mario CaféThere are Piranha Plants in sodas and a Question Block tiramisu.
  13. The Chain Gang
    This Was the Crazy-Long Line to Get Into Tokyo’s New Taco BellThey’ve been waiting more than 20 years for this moment.
  14. Nothingburger
    Japan’s Saddest New Burger Just Has Lettuce and Sauce Between Two BunsPeople are actually buying it!
  15. Booze You Can Use
    Hey, Ladies, a Japanese Brewery Made Collagen-Infused Light Beer Just forThis is quite strange.
  16. Marketing Gimmicks
    Japan’s 14-Layer ‘Tokyo Tower’ Burgers Actually Look PrettyWe’d eat one.
  17. Tower of Terror
    Japan’s New ‘Tokyo Tower’ Burger Is 14 Layers of Pure MadnessHow do you even eat this thing?
  18. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks Will Roll Out Almond Milk — in JapanCould another dairy alternative be headed to the U.S., too?
  19. Japan
    Japan’s Newest Freaky Burger Is a Whole Frog Between Two Black BunsA frogwich, essentially!
  20. Awful Things
    Some Toxic Puffer Fish Liver Sent 5 People to the HospitalFugu strikes again.
  21. Open Hostilities
    Café Selling Fake Molotov Cocktails Gets Very Real Visit From PoliceThe empty bottles on display were “creating a stressful environment for others.”
  22. Travels
    My Woozy, Primal Meal at Tokyo’s Transient Culinary WonderlandNew York’s restaurant critic grabs a seat at chef René Redzepi’s breathtaking “restaurant internship.”
  23. Fail
    Turns Out It’s Bad for Business When Customers Find Teeth in Their FoodTofu McNuggets don’t help matters.
  24. Tableware To Go
    Noma Is Selling the Tableware From Its Japanese Pop-UpA fork by designer Akito Akgagi will set you back $200.
  25. The Other Critics
    Here’s an Emoji Review of Noma’s Tokyo Pop-UpFour stars. Three money bags.
  26. Hoo-hoo
    The New Hooters: Inside Tokyo’s Most Popular Owl CaféTurns out Japan’s next evolution in animal cafés is big on the cuteness, but not so much on the actual café.
  27. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Already Having a Pretty Terrible New YearThere’s a new French fry shortage, and someone found at least one human tooth in their food.
  28. News
    McDonald’s Halts McNugget Sales in JapanJust as they were getting over that tainted meat scandal and a crippling French fry shortage, too.
  29. Awful Things
    At Least 9 New Year’s Deaths in Japan Were Linked to Choking on MochiAnother 128 people were hospitalized after eating the rice cakes.
  30. Recoveries
    Japan Begins Road to Recovery After Massive Nationwide French Fry ShortageIt’s just a matter of time before “fry parties” can return.
  31. Later Tater
    Japan Gripped by Crippling French Fry ShortageA West Coast port dispute is denying the largest importer its frozen potatoes.
  32. Small Beer
    Japan’s Hamster Bartender Serves the Tiniest Sake With the Teeniest SushiHe’s also got 50,000 Twitter followers.
  33. Tie-Ins
    Here’s an Entire Japanese New Year’s Feast That Comes in a PokemonChoose this Poké Ball and get 26 traditional osechi dishes for $136.
  34. Kind of Blue
    This Extremely Blue Japanese Beer Is Finally Available in the U.S.Filling the demand nobody knew they had.
  35. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Japan Rolls Out Its Own Black CheeseburgerThere is also a white chicken sandwich.
  36. Scary Stuff
    Japan Now Has Pitch-Black Hot Dogs, TooIt’s part of Tokyo DisneySea’s frightening Halloween menu.
  37. Carbs
    A Japanese Chain Is Stuffing Doughnuts With Hot RamenJust in time for the brisk fall season.
  38. Skewered
    Japanese Restaurant Combats Heatwave With Meat LollipopsWe’re probably just going to wait for the inevitable ramen popsicle.
  39. Roll Play
    Tokyo Finally Has Its Very Own Final Fantasy CaféBehemoth bacon burgers and Moogle angel-food cake.
  40. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Japan Unveils Tofu McNuggetsFour-packs of fried tofu, shinjo, and veggies.
  41. Yuba Time
    Registration for Noma’s Japan Pop-up Goes LiveThere’s a waiting list, too, if you don’t get tickets today.
  42. Bans
    Japan Will Keep Eating Whale Meat, Whether You Like It or NotShinzo Abe seeks a diplomatic solution.
  43. Planned Service Changes
    Reservations for René Redzepi’s Noma Japan Pop-up Go on Sale June 23The chef is Tsukiji-market-bound.
  44. Video Feed
    Watch a Ridiculous Commercial for Mister Donut’s Cronut KnockoffsGet ready for maple and “angel” whipped cream pastries.
  45. Hump Day
    International Court Rules Against Japan’s Booming Whale-Meat IndustrySave the whales. For real.
  46. Planned Service Changes
    René Redzepi Moving Noma to Japan for Two Months in 2015It’s time for a change of scenery
  47. Dip
    Japanese Fast-Food Chain Pairs French Fries With Chocolate SauceIt’s not Valentine’s Day without fattening promotions.
  48. Terms and Conditions
    Burger King Japan Introduces All-You-Can-Eat Whopper PromoOh, never mind.
  49. Ick
    KFC Selling ‘Deep-Fried Soup’ in JapanMaybe it’s good?
  50. Cursed Milk Shakes
    Terrifying Ring Antagonist Finally Gets Signature Milk Shake in JapanAs a bonus, it’s blue-lemonade-flavored!
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