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Jamie’s Italian

  1. going bust
    Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant Empire Is Reportedly $100 Million in DebtTo stay afloat, he’s closing nearly half of his Jamie’s Italian restaurants in England.
  2. you brexit you buy it
    Jamie Oliver Claims Brexit Is Forcing Him to Close 6 Failing RestaurantsBut not everybody buys the connection.
  3. Tips
    Servers Are Complaining About Jamie Oliver’s Tipping PolicyThey claim it’s so unfair that they sometimes “pay to work.”
  4. Bugging Out
    Maggots Fell on a Customer at a Jamie Oliver Restaurant“I can’t be 100 percent sure I didn’t eat one.”
  5. Empire Building
    Jamie Oliver Plans to Put His Worldwide Expansion Plans Into OverdriveThe telegenic chef is reportedly recruiting major investors.
  6. Empire Building
    Jamie Oliver Opening Hong Kong Outpost of Jamie’s Italian“It’s going to be incredible,” naturally.
  7. Empire Building
    Jamie Oliver Promises ‘Epic’ Restaurant for SwedenWhere in the world is the Naked Chef going next?
  8. Lawsuits
    Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant Fined $12,000 for Serving Pasta to Customer WithThe 38-year-old nearly died after eating what she thought was gluten-free pasta.
  9. Mediavore
    Heart Association Urges Less Sugar in Diets; Naked Chef Will Open Italian ChainThe American Heart Association is looking out for your sugar intake and Jamie Oliver is bringing 30 Italian restaurants to Asia.