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  1. Video Feed
    James Franco’s Latest Project: Making Korean Barbecue Lasagna With theWith Seth Rogen, naturally.
  2. Video Feed
    Watch Random Celebrities Stand Up For Proposition 37Six different ads have hit the airwaves, with such unlikely co-stars as Molly Ringwald, James Franco, Danny Devito, and Lisa Bonet.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    James Franco Sups at Betelnut; Angie Dickinson Drops By Park TavernAlas, they did not cross paths.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Johnny Depp Tumbles at 25 Degrees; Goldie and Kurt Lunch at Locanda de LagoThe great actor sounds like he was pretty pickled as he fell (twice!) in Hollywood before getting stuffed into a car.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Hugh Jackman Hits Ferry Building With Dave Chappelle; James Franco’sAlso, Kim Catrall was at Quince.
  6. Celebrity Settings
    James Franco Socializes at Fatta Cuckoo; Whoopi Goldberg Gets Impatient atPlus: Anna Wintour gives a speech at Indochine, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  7. Celebrity Settings
    Katie Holmes Takes Suri to Serendipity 3; James Franco Meets a Buddy atPlus: Michael Douglas gets food to go at Fishtail, Rachel Maddow meets a friend at OTTO, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  8. The Oscars
    After The Oscars, We’re All Going To James Franco’s PlaceThe star is hosting both The Oscars and an after-party at his new place behind supperclub L.A.
  9. Fever for Lefebvre
    Ludo Catering Elton John’s Oscars Bash; James Franco Opens a Not-So-Secret Bar aLudo Lefebvre is cooking for the 19th annual party, while Franco’s own underground venue gets exposed.
  10. Celebrity Endorsements
    Hugh Jackman and James Franco Give Props to Local Joints; Tina Fey Is CageySex symbols reveal what and where they like to eat.