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Jake Gyllenhaal

  1. Openings
    The Beach Plum Inn & Restaurant Brings New Brooklyn Cuisine to Martha’sThe chef has even recruited staff from Andrew Tarlow’s Marlow & Sons.
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Jake Gyllenhaal Dines at LocandaHe had a pretty big meal, too.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Reese Witherspoon Retreats To Polo Lounge; Steve Earle Eats at BLDOver at Dan Tana, Rod Stewart showed One Direction’s Harry Styles how to age gracefully into the rock and roll lifestyle.
  4. Interviews
    Marco Canora on His ‘Bratty’ Former Busboy, Jake Gyllenhaal“We gave him so much sh-t.”
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Jake Gyllenhaal Seen Slurping Hapa Ramen; John Waters Spotted at Rebel
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Taylor Swift Spends New Year’s at Kate Mantilini; Benji Madden Goes to GjelinaWith a week to go until The Golden Globes, the stars are already aligning.
  7. Celebrity Settings
    Jessica Alba Hits Angel’s; Cedric the Entertainer Eats at Casa VegaThe Dark Angel actress brings her daughter along for lunch.
  8. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jenna Bush Walk Into a Garden …Jake lends Alice a celebrity hand in promoting the Edible Schoolyard on the ‘Today’ show.
  9. Celebrity Settings
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Lunches With Sons at Fred Segal; Slash Sups With GeorgeWhen the press descends, Arnold beelines for the department store instead of stopping at Umami Burger.
  10. Celebrity Settings
    Maria Shriver Lunches With Her Kids at Taiko; Ludacris Munches at GreenleafThe biggest star in celebrity dining this week wasn’t a person, but the place where Arnold went to make babies.
  11. Celebrity Settings
    Justin Timberlake Parties at Trousdale; Lindsay Lohan Is Guilty of Going toReality TV is now using our restaurants against us to make Angelenos look stupider.
  12. Celebrity Settings
    Larry King Meets Gene Simmons at CPK; Paris Hilton Grubs With The Pirates of theWe probably don’t want to know what these two legendary pervs have in common besides a shared passion for sesame ginger chicken dumplings.
  13. Celebrity Settings
    Angelina Jolie Shops at Whole Foods; Elton John Hits E. BaldiA star-packed week for restaurants after The Golden Globes.
  14. Causes
    Jake Gyllenhaal Now An Official Alice Waters AcolyteThe younger Gyllenhaal is committed to making more schoolyards edible.
  15. Celebrity Settings
    Fresh Players in the Dating Game: Jake Gyllenhaal at Al Di Là; Ryan KwantenPlus: Kardashians, Kardashians, endless Kardashians, Janet Jackson’s film-premiere party at Philippe, and more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity dining.
  16. Video Feed
    Daniel Patterson Opening Three More Restaurants in Oakland?; Also JakeIn some new videos of Le Grand Fooding 2010 in New York, we catch a glimpse of Gylenhaal, and several S.F. chefs discuss the Northern California vs. New York rivalry.
  17. Celebrity Settings
    Cast of Jersey Shore Mugs at STK; Halle Berry is a RockSugar RegularMTV’s controversial cast runs rampant in L.A. while Century City gets recurring visits from a hot actress.
  18. Celebrity Settings
    Gyllenspoon Still Under Starr’s Spell; Danza Into Darling’sWhere Hollywood is dining in Philly
  19. Celebrity Settings
    Your Daily Gyllenspoon with a Side of RuddTracking the dining trajectory of celebs in Philly
  20. Mediavore
    More Restaurant-Happy Celebs; Best of Philly MapFood news from near and far
  21. Celebrity Settings
    Where Should Celebrities Eat?Help hapless celebs find more interesting places to dine
  22. Celebrity Settings
    Gyllenspoon Returns to Alma de CubaReese and Jake hit Alma again
  23. Celebrity Settings
    Your Daily Gyllenspoon Dining Report with a Side of Wanda SykesThe high-wattage couple dined at Alma de Cuba
  24. Celebrity Settings
    Reese and Jake Brunch in Unexpected PlacesGyllenspoon ventures beyond Rittenhouse for midday meal
  25. Celebrity Settings
    Shakira Livens Up Michael’s; Twilight Stars Out by DayWhere the bold-face names ate and drank this week.