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  1. foodie television
    Alice Waters and Jacques Pépin Diss Reality Food ShowsThey say series like Top Chef miss the point of cooking.
  2. Quote of the Day
    Jacques Pépin Has a Few Problems With Hell’s Kitchen“I believe it is a disservice to our trade and to young people who want to go into this business,” he said also.
  3. Old Guard
    Here’s a Just Delightful Shot of Jacques PépinThe Frenchman threw signs you didn’t knew he had in him for a photo with chef James Syhabout.
  4. Slideshow
    If Chefs Were Really Rock Stars, Who Would They Be?A look into a world where Anthony Bourdain is actually Sid Vicious and Alice Waters plays Joni Mitchell.
  5. James Beard Winners
    Los Angeles Food Editor Lesley Bargar Suter on What It Feels Like To Win“If they had a national black-tie street food award ceremony, [L.A.] would kill ‘em all. But they don’t.”
  6. O Come Let Us Adore Him
    Jacques Pépin Talks About Cooking for Charles de Gaulle onAlso, you’ve heard he worked for Howard-Johnson, right?
  7. Foodievents
    Everybody Who’s Anybody Is in Pebble Beach Right NowWe’ll be bringing you some highlights on Monday.
  8. Chef Chat
    Jacques Pépin on Catching Frogs With Jacques Torres, Craving HoJo“When I really think about the food that makes me salivate, it’s going to be that kind of food — from tacos to a beer.”
  9. On a Boat
    Jacques Pépin Is Apparently Building a Cruise-Ship-Restaurant Mini-EmpireJacques Restaurant will debut in April 2012.
  10. Foodievents
    Nineteen Chefs Will Cater to You … and Jacques Pépin, TooBU’s gastronomy program hosts a luscious event.
  11. The Grub Street Diet
    Jacques Pépin Eats Chocolate Croissants for Lunch, Potato Frittatas for“I just had some fresh potatoes from the garden, and I had good eggs from a farm here, so, a frittata with herbs, and pancetta, and scallions”
  12. Iconography
    Seven Surprising Things We Learned About Jacques Pépin This WeekendThe food icon revealed plenty of fun facts at a talk this past weekend.
  13. Celebrity Settings
    Jacques Pépin Lauds Joshua Skenes, Loves His Rabbit at FCI DinnerPepin was on hand at a dinner celebrating the launch of FCI’s new California campus.
  14. Awards
    Jacques Pépin to Get BU Honorary DegreeAnd he says Julia Child didn’t like grilled veggies.
  15. Foodievents
    Today’s Chefs All Basically Adore Paul Bocuse — and Who Can BlameKind words from Thomas Keller, Eric Ripert, Charlie Palmer, and more.
  16. Resolutions
    The Wall Street Journal’s Huge Resolutions List: Just the ChefsWe plucked chefs’ responses out of their epic list.
  17. Funnies
    And Now, the Julia Child ShimmyAn animated GIF just for you.
  18. Video Feed
    Jacques Pépin: Chanteur!Watch the beloved French-American chef sing a classic: “Les Feuilles Mortes” (“Autumn Leaves”).
  19. Empire Building
    FCI Rising: French Culinary Institute Takes First Step Toward Global DominationThe New York culinary school is opening a location in California
  20. Mediavore
    Pépin Birthday Lies; McDonald’s In Riverside Goes Green, Literally
  21. Celebrity Settings
    Jacques Pepin to Keep Celebrating His Birthday Until You Give KQED More MoneyPepin is helping to raise money for his latest cooking show on PBS, ‘The Essential Pepin.’
  22. Celebrity Settings
    Jacques Pepin Celebrates His Birthday in Menlo ParkPepin is here shooting a new TV series for KQED called ‘The Essential Pepin.’
  23. Foodievents
    Hot-Plate Secrets of the ChefsJacques Pépin makes Dijon vinaigrette with olive oil and leftover Grey Poupon.
  24. Radio Craves
    Ruth Reichl, Jacques Pepin, and J. Gold Dish on Mama’s CookingA mother’s day episode of Evan Kleiman’s Good Food will feature some big names in cooking.
  25. Food Politics
    FCI Chefs Cook for ObamaJacques Pepin, Andre Soltner, and others will cook for DCCC donors.
  26. Foodievents
    What We’re All Missing at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine FestA legion of celebrity chefs descend on the resort town this weekend along with a bunch of wine makers and all those who could afford tickets.
  27. Pause for Thought
    Ripert, Nieporent, Pépin, and Soltner: Is French Cuisine Dead?The French Culinary Institute celebrates its 25th anniversary by posing the question.
  28. Aspen Report
    Fine Dining Is Ending, Just Like It Did Twenty Years AgoDanny Meyer on 1989: “Steak became the hamburger and the hamburger became meatloaf and meatloaf became meatballs.”
  29. Bookshelf
    The Twelve Key Ingredients of a Toque Tell-allA chef from Waverly Inn, another from Dressler, plus a French Culinary School grad have spilled their stories.
  30. Top Chef
    The Last SupperWe talk with Platt about last night’s episode.
  31. Foodievents
    Jacques Pépin Eats Everything Except Raw FetusesIt was a foodie fantasy last night at the Waldorf-Astoria, where the likes of Daniel Boulud, David Bouley, Sirio Maccioni, Drew Nieporent, and Jacques Pépin had gathered for the lavish annual Food Allergy Ball. We caught up with Jacques Pépin in the grand ballroom before he was to be honored for his valiant fight against cross-contamination. Asked if he had any food allergies himself, the master chef admitted, “No, I don’t,” adding that “I’m a real glutton. I eat anything you put in front of me.” We found that hard to believe from a man known for culinary perfection. “Ask my wife!” he said, so we did. “He’ll eat anything I put in front of him!” Mme. Pépin testified. Still, we wondered if old Jacques can be a diva at home — had he ever pronounced Lady Pépin’s grub “unacceptable”? “Are you kidding? She’d put it on my head, I say that!”
  32. NewsFeed
    Restaurant-World Elders Debate the Evils of the $44 Lamb Chop Is the New York dining scene better than ever? The question seems to our dazzled senses like a no-brainer, but it was the source of almost rancorous debate last night at a 92nd Street Y panel discussion which featured New York’s Gael Greene, famed chef Jacques Pepin, Über-restaurateur Michael Whiteman, and New York food historian Arthur Schwartz. “Food Talk” host Mike Colameco chaired the panel — helplessly, as the debate raged to his right and left.