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Jacob Sessoms

  1. Chef Thoughts
    What Do Our Chefs Think of The Zagat-Google Deal?Mezze’s Micah Wexler says of Zagat,” My restaurant friends and I would literally memorize the ratings and test each other…Over the last decade they’ve lost a lot of ground.”
  2. The Food Chain
    Jacob Sessoms of Table in Asheville, North Carolina, Is Inspired by the Farm Egg“I think what opened my mind up when I ate it was, most importantly, that I could start making my own English muffins.”
  3. The Food Chain
    Holeman & Finch Chef Linton Hopkins Adores the Speck With Porcini and Egg at“The egg was charged in a canister and piped out. You had these little blob dollops that were like a hollandaise, almost.”