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Ivanka Trump

  1. go figure
    Of Course Ivanka Trump Once Shilled for JuiceroPerhaps not surprisingly, the Kushners had just invested in it.
  2. Mazel Tov
    Katz’s Hosts a Pop-up for the Pastrami-ratiSome important people got married, and Ivanka was there!
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Guy and the GaysDaily Intel’s morning gossip roundup leads off with news of some unlikely celebrity drop-ins.
  4. NewsFeed
    The Old and New Schools Celebrate Atlantic City ProjectsThe Trumps throw a limoed-up party for Il Mulino’s new Taj Mahal location, and the Beatrice boys celebrate the Chelsea.
  5. The New York Diet
    Eric and Donald Trump Jr. Dine Everywhere From McDonald’s to DubaiAs partners in their father’s business, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. do a lot of dining together — whether they’re talking to clients Stateside about Quattro, their upcoming restaurant in the Trump Soho building, or cutting ribbons in the Middle East as they did this week.