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    Breaking: Radegast Conquers the DOH, EPA, and CB, Opens Right This Very Second After stalking Radegast all day we’ve finally gotten someone on the phone to say, “Yes, we are open!” To rehash details from our first look at the place earlier this month: Bohemian Hall vet Ivan Aohut has his wife in the kitchen, mucho beer on tap, and eventually infrared heating in the outdoor garden.
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    Radegast May Soon Bring a Second Oktoberfest to Williamsburg Difficulties securing a certificate of occupancy have delayed the opening of Radegast Hall for over a month, but owner Ivan Kohut and his partner, Andy Ivanov, tell us they’re hoping to pass a follow-up buildings inspection later today, in which case they could have Williamsburg’s first beer hall up and running sometime next week. As you can see from our gallery of interior shots, the place sure looks ready.