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  1. Coming Soon
    Jameson’s Irish Pub Coming to HollywoodThe whiskey-fueled sports bar carries big screens and a food menu.
  2. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Go Bragh at Tom Bergin’s; Bill Esparza Explores Little“What you’re competing against consists mostly of faded memories of bad steam-table food,” the critic says of Brandon Boudet’s Irish eats.
  3. Deals
    Tom Bergin’s Celebrates ‘Half-Way Day’ on MondayNo, we’re definitely not discussing sober living.
  4. Let’s Do Brunch
    Tom Bergin’s Begins BrunchIrish classics like corned beef hash, “soldiers,” and breakfast booze will all be available.
  5. Deals
    Tuesdays at Tom’s Starts at Tom Bergin’s$15 buys a special entree, sides, and dessert every week.
  6. Reopenings
    Tom Bergin’s Tavern Is Back Tonight!The legendary Mid-City pub will reveal a newly updated look, menu, and cocktails.
  7. Reopenings
    What to Expect at a Reworked Tom Bergin’s, Opening Late AprilDrinks from Marcos Tello and Adian Demarest and a new menu from Brandon Boudet both honor and update the classic Mid-City pub.
  8. User’s Guide
    Where to O.D. on Corned Beef Sliders, Green Drinks, and Street Parties on SaintWhich local restaurants and bars are vying for your green this Saturday?
  9. Mediavore
    Glendale Man Catches Bear Raiding His Fridge; Javier Plascencia Coming to TownThe bear’s face was reportedly dripping with food, which makes the scary discovery kinda cute.
  10. Temporary Closings
    Tom Bergin’s Apologizes For Saint Patrick’s Day ClosureThe restaurant is still rehabbing, while this could be the chance to try less-frequented Irish bars in Palms and Van Nuys.
  11. Reopenings
    Dublin’s Re-Opens Just in Time To See Some St. Patty’s Day GreenTenacity and patience prove intelligent as there’s a whole lot of dough to be made on this stretch of Downtown.
  12. St. Patrick’s Day
    Casey’s Soaks You in Green Beer and Gets You Home for The HolidayThe Downtown pub offers L.A. the kind of St. Pat’s debauchery every major city should have.
  13. Coming Soon
    Another Goat-Themed Restaurant Will Join The PackThe one thing this Irish pub likely won’t have is actual goat on its menu.
  14. User’s Guide
    Where to Eat Around the World and Watch the World Cup in L.A.Even if soccer isn’t your favorite sport, The World Cup offers a tremendous opportunity to try new cuisines.
  15. Nightlife
    Dublin’s: Back from The Dead and Coming DowntownA Sunset Strip dive bar will be resurrected.
  16. Mediavore
    Marcel Vigneron Gets a New Show; Adam Dell Seeks Time with Padma’s BabyTop Chef alumni Marcel and Padma are back in the news.
  17. What to Eat
    Takashi’s Corned Beef Ramen Actually Sounds Pretty Good“We always found so much broth left, and I thought ‘why do we throw away this very flavorful broth?’”
  18. Foodievents
    Where to Eat and Party Early for St. Paddy’s DayHollywood hosts an official Irish holiday bash.
  19. Openings
    What to Eat at Wilfie & Nell’s New Pub, Sweet AftonLocally sourced pub grub and fresh-fruit cocktails.
  20. User’s Guide
    All You Need to Know About Saint Patrick’s DayFaith and begob! It’s that time of year again! Time to swill green beer, be elbowed and hectored by snaggletoothed drunks in soccer jerseys, and be ralphed on by tubby blondes in dank, moist bars. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day! Happily, this paradise we call a city has some better options, from relatively low-key Irish bars to the best place to be on the parade route. Saint Patrick’s Day Guide 2008
  21. Mediavore
    Kitchen Abuse Exposed; Health Department Shutdowns TripleApparently, abuse of every kind is rampant in kitchens. Herewith, complaints leveled against Daniel, Jean Georges, Megu, Babbo, and more. [NYP] Post–KFC–Taco Bell scandal, New York restaurant closures triple. [NYP] Morandi is, like every other Keith McNally venture, a smashing success, and likely to remain so. [NYP]