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  1. Funny Business
    Closed Doughnut Shop Mysteriously Promises to Reopen Without ‘theAt least one former customer is pretty sure they’re talking about a manager.
  2. Crime
    Restaurant Security Guard Shot While Trying to Break Up FightThe victim is in stable condition.
  3. Misunderstandings
    Neighbors Not Happy to Discover La Marina Can Legally Host Huge PartiesThe community board thought permits capped capacity at 500 people. Turns out it’s actually 1,800.
  4. Crusades
    Stringer Wants Inwood Restaurant Put on Ice“I’m a little mystified why intervention hasn’t happened,” the borough president says.
  5. What to Eat
    What to Eat at Buddha Beer Bar, Coming Soon to InwoodFeaturing a menu of “international drunk food.”
  6. On the Waterfront
    What Will the Waterfront Dining Scene Look Like in 2012?The Dyckman Street Marina makes a comeback, a new restaurant for Pier 15, and more.
  7. Openings
    Todd P Plans East Village Live Venue While Others Face the MusicPhil Hartman returns to the former Mo Pitkins space, an Inwood beer garden fights for the right to party, and the latest on Prime 6.
  8. Booze News
    The Case of the Wine Bar Without WineAn Inwood wine bar has gone without wine for over a year.
  9. Mediavore
    Teetotalers Welcome in Recession; Inwood Hates Mister SofteePlus: the Food Network launches its own Epicurious.
  10. The New York Diet
    Writer-Actor Lin-Manuel Miranda Tells Where to Go In the HeightsThe writer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda didn’t actually grow up in Washington Heights, the milieu of his Broadway smash, In the Heights. But that means his favorite neighborhood hangs range beyond just upper Manhattan.