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  1. This Toaster Will Brand Your Bread With Emoji Faces and Weather ReportsSo cute you won’t even want to butter it.
  2. This Collapsible Coffee Cup Might Fix One of the Worst Things About Travel MugsGenius or messy?
  3. Buzzworthy
    These Beekeepers Claim They Finally Figured Out How to Put Honey Taps onSome experts have called it “the holy grail of beekeeping,” while others call the invention’s authenticity into question.
  4. Inventions
    Choco Taco Cappuccinos Are Real, Possibly SpectacularThere’s a machine in Lake Placid, New York, that will make all your coffee dreams come true.
  5. Inventions
    Top This: David Chang’s Got His Own Strain of BacteriaLook out, world: David Chang’s growing his own fungus.
  6. Mediavore
    Silver Palate Author Dies at 66; Bottled Water in a Price WarCookbook author Sheila Lukins has died and bottled water is desperately trying to get back customers who switched to tap.
  7. Pizza Pizza
    The Pizza Stone, Brought To You By Pat Bruno And Julia ChildPat Bruno’s inspiration for the pizza stone was the French Chef herself.