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    Why NYC’s Most Acclaimed Sushi Bar Is Opening in Trump’s D.C. Hotel“Whatever’s going on with the White House or whatever’s going on with Donald Trump is not my focus.”
  2. interviews
    How This Pastry Pro Made Herself Invaluable to a Demanding Chef“It was intimidating to figure out how to feel vital to him and necessary for the restaurant.”
  3. the election
    What Is It Like to Own a Mexican Restaurant in New York Right Now?“There have been moments of panic, especially having a new brick-and-mortar.”
  4. interviews
    Why Bill Telepan Closed His Restaurant and Took an Unexpected Staff Job“Listen, I just want a job for the next 15 years and to cook and make people happy.”
  5. interviews
    Meet the Man Behind ’Merica, NYC’s First ‘Freedom-Themed’ RestaurantHe’s opened bars devoted to Will Ferrell and Beetlejuice, too.
  6. interviews
    How Blue Ribbon’s Owners Built a Hugely Successful Restaurant EmpireBruce and Eric Bromberg talk about their new projects, and why they’re closing one of the city’s most beloved restaurants.
  7. interviews
    Behind Ayesha Curry’s Quest to Become a New Kind of Food MegastarShe’s now a cookbook author, television host, restaurateur, and tech entrepreneur.
  8. Why This Young Coffee Entrepreneur Focuses Exclusively on Nicaraguan BeansAs César Vega grows Café Integral, he’s able to support farmers in his home country.
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    Rockaway’s ‘Pizza Nazi’ Defends Himself Against Pot-Growing Allegations“I did not grow anything. I have no clue what the hell they’re talking about.”
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    Why This Chef Took a Risk and Bought One of NYC’s Most Notorious Restaurants“This was an opportunity to bring this place back from the dead.”
  11. interviews
    How One Chef Built a Restaurant Specifically to Appeal to the Instagram Set“This is not meant to be one restaurant. This is meant to be 20 restaurants in eight to ten years, full scale.”
  12. interviews
    Texan Entrepreneur Now Delivers Austin-Style Breakfast Tacos in New York“I have to question myself every day … Am I insane?”
  13. end of an era
    Saying Good-bye to The Four Seasons With Mimi SheratonShe helped open the restaurant in 1959. Now everything inside is up for auction.
  14. food media
    What’s It Like to Be a Food Writer Right Now?Food52’s Amanda Hesser and Saveur’s Adam Sachs talk about the state of food media right now.
  15. interviews
    The Sushi Chef Who Lost His Job Fighting the DOH’s Glove Rule Is Back“Things were said, things were done. They made an example out of me. Great job. It made my career go higher and higher, and here we are.”
  16. interviews
    Underground Lobster-Roll Purveyor Dr. Klaw Is Back With a New Show“When you’re broken down, you really are fucked. It’s kind of hard to remember, ‘Oh, I really should be shooting right now.’”
  17. Why This Israeli Chef Says You’ve Been Eating Couscous All WrongThe owner of Taïm shares her plans for her next restaurant.
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    Why a Legendary Chef Has Returned to New York — With an Upstate Steakhouse“I think there’s a tremendous amount, still, that can be brought to the table when it comes to steak, and the steakhouse.”
  19. interviews
    A Celebrated Chef Explains Why It’s So Hard to Open a Restaurant in New YorkFredrik Berselius has worked to reopen Aska for over two years.
  20. Closings
    Fritzl’s Will Close on Sunday“The climate for these small, neighborhood ‘mom-and-pop’ restaurants is really difficult and scary for a lot of people.”
  21. Interviews
    Meet the Francis Mallmann Disciple Who Will Only Cook With Fire in New YorkNorberto Piattoni has ambitious plans for his Fort Greene project.
  22. Interviews
    Meet the 25-Year-Old Chef Whose Fearless French Cooking Is Winning Raves“I’ve been fortunate enough to pretty much know that I wanted to be a chef for my entire life. I just kind of went for it.”
  23. Interviews
    Why This Leading London Chef Feels Energized by New York KitchensRochelle Canteen’s Margot Henderson is cooking in New York this week.
  24. Interviews
    Dominique Crenn Named ‘Best Female Chef’“I’m looking at the award this way: We still need to do a lot of work.”
  25. Interviews
    How the Co-founder of Noma Is Building His Legacy in New York“New York doesn’t embrace chefs who come here without going all in,” says Claus Meyer.
  26. Interviews
    Alex Stupak Explains Why He’ll Open His Next Restaurant in Midtown“It’s a risky place because the rents are crazy high.”
  27. Interviews
    Anthony Bourdain on His New Film About Legendary Chef Jeremiah Tower“Jeremiah is this enormously influential, important character that had been written out of history and … something needed to be done about it.”
  28. Interviews
    Here’s the Strangest Thing Padma Lakshmi Ever Ate“I didn’t know ducks had testicles, frankly.”
  29. Interviews
    Michael Pollan on the Future of Food and Wood-Pulp Parmesan“There’s a long history of food being adulterated.”
  30. Interviews
    One of Brooklyn’s Favorite Chefs Is Headed to a Meal-Delivery Start-upJohnathan Adler will leave Franny’s at the end of March to take over as the culinary manager of Blue Apron.
  31. Interviews
    What Went Wrong at Bark Hot Dogs?The popular Park Slope spot surprised everyone when it closed this month. Owner Joshua Sharkey explains what happened and why he made the decision.
  32. Interviews
    Why the Owner of an Iconic New York Kitchen Store Is Closing Up Shop for Good“It was the evolution of food, and people’s understanding of food, that got me very enthusiastic about what I was doing.”
  33. Interviews
    Angela Dimayuga Wants to Fix Kitchen Culture“I’m trying to create something healthy for my cooks, and also for me.”
  34. Interviews
    Alex Stupak and Albert Adrià on Empire-Building and Experimental Cooking“Chefs here aren’t opening new restaurants; they’re making fried-chicken sandwiches.”
  35. Interviews
    Why NYC’s Newest Tea Destination Is All About Oolong“I’m from Taiwan, and that’s what we’re known for. We make beautiful oolongs.”
  36. Empire Building
    Why By Chloe Is 2015’s Most Surprising Restaurant Success StoryThe fast-casual vegan concept has a massive audience.
  37. Interviews
    Dave Arnold Wants to Disarm the Idea of ‘Natural’ FoodHe’s the mastermind of the Museum of Food and Drink’s new exhibit, all about real and fake flavors.
  38. Interviews
    The Acclaimed Take Root Will Reopen in November“It was really just about finding out voice and our rhythm again. The climate of the industry is really intense and competitive and nasty, and there are a lot of jabs.”
  39. Interviews
    A Celebrated Sushi Chef Is Taking a Stand Against the Health Department“I believe what I believe and I’m a vocal about it, and because of that I have been singled out, and I have been made a target.”
  40. Interviews
    Why Two Blue Hill Vets Are Leaving Stone Barns for St. Louis“The things that we’ve learned are tremendous. It would almost be a shame to waste that on people who already know.”
  41. Interviews
    How Kenta Goto Opened One of NYC’s Most Unique New Cocktail BarsThe Pegu Club vet discusses his new bar, the differences between Japanese and American bartending styles, and why he sees himself as the Manny Pacquiao of the mixology world.
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    When Will Philly’s Zahav Come to NYC?“I think we’d kill it, but then we’d have to f*cking move to New York,” Mike Solomonov says.
  43. Tipping
    Why One NYC Sous-Chef Will Be Happy When Tipping Is Eliminated Forever“Such a radical change in the system will come at a price, and I’m worried and intrigued to see what that is.”
  44. Coming Soon
    Can an American Chef Who Made His Name in Paris Find Success in New York?Chicago-born chef Daniel Rose has never cooked in the States. Now he’s moving his whole family from Paris to Manhattan to open an ambitious project.
  45. Interviews
    Justin Warner on His Restaurant’s Closure and the Allure of Celebrity“The easiest way to get a target on your back is to be a pioneer in anything.”
  46. Interviews
    Meet the College Student Who Started a ‘Restaurant’ in His Dorm Room“It’s definitely been annoying for my roommates to have people here all the time.”
  47. Interviews
    Another Acclaimed, Ambitious Restaurant Is Closing — Here’s Why“We’re actually trying to get away from New York City. The environment here is so hypercompetitive.”
  48. Interviews
    Meet the British Baking Star Who Started Her Career at Chez PanisseClaire Ptak, of Violet Cakes, is building an impressive career.
  49. Interviews
    This Was the Scene at This Weekend’s Massive, Controversial Chick-fil-A“It’s kind of a fun experience. It’s like going to Times Square to watch the ball drop.”
  50. Interviews
    The Finch’s Chef on What an Unexpected Michelin Star Means for the“I want to make it more exciting always. But that’s been the goal since the beginning.”
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