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  1. This Woman Bakes Your Favorite Pop-Culture References Into PiesPrince pie, Pikachu pie, and even Predator pie.
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    The Rap Video Guide to Chicago EatsWho’s the dog, Dawg?
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    Chicagoans Crash Another Server: Diner en Blanc Sells out in MinutesEvents have already taken place across North America.
  4. Devouring the Web
    Another Food Website Joins the FrayToday Hearst and MSN launch Delish.com. Get excited, people!
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    eGullet Just Can’t Convince Us to Eat in New JerseyToday’s eGullet kerfuffle on the riches of New Jersey cuisine is exactly the kind of thing that makes us love New York all the more. eGullet co-founder Steven Shaw started a thread in which he berates New Yorkers for their neglect of the Jerz’s fine food: The argument goes that with the Japanese market in Edgewater (hm), Newark’s inherent awesomeness (um), and the fact that 60 percent of New Yorkers have a car (wha?), we’ve got no excuse not to visit our neighbors. His conclusion, therefore, is that New York foodies are “lazy” and “lack a fundamental element of cultural literacy about food in the New York metro area.” We’re not going to say anyone’s got a chip on his shoulder, but … wow. The responses poured in — but true to our reputation for self-obsession, the only part of Shaw’s post that made any impression on New Yorkers was his rather dubious assertion that a majority of us own cars. As one commenter put it: