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  1. Temporary Closings
    The Health Department Shut Down Joe’s Shanghai Over a Roach InfestationThe restaurant’s midtown location intends to reopen by Saturday.
  2. Critical Violations
    New Grading Rules Reduce Restaurant FinesA step in the right direction.
  3. Letter Grades
    Chinatown Restaurants Don’t Really Care About B and C GradesNeighborhood noodle joints to clean up.
  4. Warnings
    Bloomberg Speaks Out Against Chefs ‘Bitching’ Over Letter GradesIt’s your problem if you go somewhere with a “B” grade.
  5. Critical Violations
    City Council Approves Changes to Restaurant-Inspection SystemReduced fines, optional dry-run inspections, the creation of an ombuds office, and more.
  6. Critical Violations
    Health Department Will Lower Some Restaurant Inspection FinesSpeaker Quinn has succeeded in persuading the health department to change the way its inspectors dole out fines.
  7. Critical Violations
    City Council Introduces Legislation to Change Restaurant Inspection SystemSpeaker Quinn says the move is designed to benefit small businesses.
  8. Lawsuits
    Group of 40 Bronx Restaurant Owners Sue NYC Over Botched Restaurant InspectionsThe coalition seeks $150 million in damages.
  9. Critical Violations
    How the Post Messed Up on Its Report on Restaurant-Inspection FinesA restaurant bathroom that doesn’t have toilet paper is directly related to food safety.
  10. Critical Violations
    Health Inspectors Really Need to Start Spending More Time in Restaurant KitchensMaybe the inspections should worry less about rapid cooling and more about their brunoise.
  11. Inspections
    DOH Is Monitoring, But Won’t Crack Down on ‘Candlelit’The health department is not issuing citations so much as trying to steer restaurant owners in the right direction.
  12. Inspections
    Health Department Gives Joanne a C Grade, or Does It?The restaurant is appealing the inspection results.
  13. Mediavore
    Fewer Restaurants Will Fail Inspections; Butchers Get an EducationPlus: counterfeit wines, and delicious peaches, all in our morning news roundup.