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  1. Inside Baseball
    Lucas Duda Also Made Up With Shake ShackEveryone’s feeling a lot better.
  2. Inside Baseball
    Eater S.F. Announces New Editor: Allie PapeGame on.
  3. Inside Baseball
    Marcia Gagliardi Steps Away From Editor Role at 7x7She’ll now just contribute on a freelance basis.
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    Food Bloggers Play Musical Chairs, Make Us DizzyThis, folks, is why some people call it the Interweb.
  5. Inside Baseball
    Will the Real Fake Restaurant Girl Please Stand Up?Life Vicarious says it isn’t behind the “real RG.”
  6. Inside Baseball
    Restaurant Girl Is NOT on Twitter, Okay?The “real” Restaurant Girl is actually just another fake.
  7. Inside Baseball
    Only in the Blogosphere, KidsRestaurant Girl’s fake Twitter calls out her real(?) Twitter.