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  1. sincere scoops
    What’s Wrong With Ice Cream Right Now?We should always be striving to make the next salted caramel.
  2. food trends
    2020’s First Big Food Trend Is Ice Cubes in CerealThere’s no denying it.
  3. innovation
    Chipotle, Willing to Try Anything These Days, Is Testing Takeout WindowsThe future is now.
  4. innovation
    Internet Genius Invents Bun to Hold Double Hot Dogs“The world is ready.”
  5. innovation
    Behold the Chickle: Hot Chicken Stuffed Inside a PickleAmerica’s next great culinary mash-up has arrived.
  6. the future
    World’s Coolest Scientist Predicts Hangovers Could Be Eliminated by 2050So-called “alcosynth” would solve a lot of other problems associated with traditional booze, too.
  7. innovation
    Japan Finally Invents Spreadable Coffee for ToastIt’s like the Frappuccino version of Nutella.
  8. innovation
    Pizza ATMs Will Soon Roll Out Across the CountryFinally some good news for America.
  9. innovation
    Japan’s Latest Burger Innovation Replaces Buns With BeefIt’s just a pile of patties.
  10. innovation
    Take a Ramen Bath to Recover From This ElectionIt’s the least you deserve.
  11. the chain gang
    Taco Bell Will Unleash $1 Cheetos Burritos on Unsuspecting Nation Next MonthWhat took them so long?
  12. innovation
    Some Culinary Wizard Invented Deep-Fried Old-FashionedsWith brandy cream cheese and bitters whipped cream.
  13. innovation
    Ikea Unleashes All-Black ‘Ninja Dogs’ in JapanThey’re made with activated charcoal, of course, and only available in Japan.
  14. The Future
    Scientists ​Pretty Sure Humans Could Eat Food Grown in Martian SoilGood news for when Earth is no longer inhabitable.
  15. Innovation
    Spanish Entrepreneurs Have Invented Blue WineAnd it looks even weirder than it sounds.
  16. Innovation
    Australia Got Its Own Naked RestaurantIt’s going down tonight in Melbourne, for one night only.
  17. Innovation
    Former White House Chef Sam Kass Has Joined a Silicon Valley Start-upHe’s now the “chief consumer experience officer” for Innit, a company that aims to make every American a better cook.
  18. Innovation
    Get Ready for ‘Chewable’ CoffeeEach Go Cube gummy delivers half a cup’s worth of caffeine.
  19. Food Waste
    Scientists Have Figured Out How to Make Electricity Out of Unused TomatoesFlorida’s tomato waste could theoretically power Disney World for 90 days.
  20. Okay
    Japan Finally Gives the World What It’s Been Waiting For: Ramen SandwichesThis is culinary innovation.
  21. Innovation
    Someone Finally Combined IPA and Cold Brew to Make the Ultimate Breakfast DrinkRogue’s latest collaboration is with Stumptown.
  22. Innovation
    NYC Pizzerias Debut Delivery Boxes Made From Staten Island TrashSo you think about recycling while scarfing down that pie.
  23. Innovation
    You’ll Soon Be Able to Get Drunk Off KombuchaAn ambitious home-brewer is making beer-bucha happen.
  24. Innovation
    High-School Seniors Invent a Better Ketchup BottleIt’s all thanks to something they call “The ‘Shroom.”
  25. Innovation
    This 18-Inch Corn Dog Costs $25That price includes a generous scoop of French fries.