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  1. In Season
    In Season: Saltie Chef Caroline Fidanza’s Cauliflower, Leek, andCauliflower comes into its own in the fall, when the Greenmarket overflows with orange, purple, and snowy-white varieties.
  2. Bookshelf
    Read an Excerpt by Gramercy Tavern’s Michael Anthony From the InThe book comes out October 25.
  3. In Season
    In Season: Calliope’s Rainbow Chard-and-Sorrel GratinIts ruffly leaves and sturdy stems count as two vegetables in one, and both can be used to great effect in rich gratins.
  4. In Season
    In Season: Concord Grape Soda From Seersucker Pastry Chef Stephanie AlexanderServe with buttermilk ice cubes for delicious sweet-tart Creamsicle effect.
  5. In Season
    In Season: Lulu & Po Chef Matthew Hamilton’s Mutsu-Apple SaladMutsus are good for sauce and cider, but best enjoyed in their natural snappy state.
  6. In Season
    In Season: Roasted Eggplant With Fried Onion and Chopped LemonTry them in this killer recipe adapted from London veggie gurus Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi’s new cookbook, Jerusalem.
  7. In Season
    In Season: Sean Rembold’s Grilled Romano BeansTry quickly searing the beans in a cast-iron grill pan.
  8. In Season
    In Season: Yunnan Kitchen’s Raw-Green-Tomato SaladAlthough it might seem slightly perverse during these still peak tomato days to recommend you find some nice hard unripened ones, that is exactly what we’re doing this week.
  9. In Season
    In Season: Missy Robbins’s Grilled-Plum SaladPerfect for post-Labor Day picnicking.
  10. Beer Me
    Oktoberfest Arrives Early at McGillin’sThe mercury might say it’s still summer, but the draft list says fall.
  11. In Season
    Not Your Average Artichoke RecipeWhy not go a different route than cooking them to near mush and drenching them in butter?
  12. In Season
    Supper and Bistrot La Minette Team Up For a Two Night ‘Home-and-Home’ TomatoThe two night tomato extravaganza takes place at both restaurants.
  13. In Season
    How to Make La Vara’s Gin-TonicAdding a super-size twist of lemon results in a thirst-quencher that may not only help prevent malaria but also scurvy.
  14. In Season
    It’s Poona Kheera Season at the GreenmarketThis chameleon of a cucumber dramatically changes color as it ripens on the vine.
  15. In Season
    Tristar Strawberries Hit the GreenmarketIntensely sweet the day they’re picked, they’re ideal for this quick jam recipe.
  16. In Season
    It’s Radish Season at the GreenmarketIn these last few days before summer, spring radishes are at their best.
  17. Neighborhood Watch
    Barnes Bites: Where to Eat in the Art Museum DistrictAfter an afternoon of musing at the Barnes, take the opportunity to check out the area’s dining scene.
  18. Loco For Locavores
    Is Martha Stewart to Blame for the Scarcity of Ramps?Conservationists used to think foraging would die off with the old-timers, but Stewart had to go and make the movement all mainstream.
  19. In Season
    Dettera’s Jeffrey Power Slings Spring’s BountyChef Power utilizes what’s in season for his new dish.
  20. Quote of the Day
    Vedge Ramps Up the SeasonRich Landau is surprised by diners’ tastes.
  21. In Season
    Here’s the First Ramps Sighting of the SeasonThe elusive wild Appalachian leeks are perhaps the most coveted, if not outright fetishized vegetable of the season.
  22. Locavorism
    Farm Report: How Will the Mild Winter Affect What We Eat This Spring?On this first day of spring, we asked some of the area’s more farm-focused chefs.
  23. In Season
    Get Your Zeppoles While You CanThe only come once a year.
  24. Food Lit
    Announcing the In Season CookbookFeaturing New York’s favorite chefs and … fiddlehead ferns.
  25. In Season
    Where to Eat ChoucrouteDespite a mild winter, chefs are still serving the wintry Alsatian dish.
  26. Beer Me
    Tröegs Brews a Bigger Batch of Nugget NectarA new bigger and better brewery is giving the brewers the ability to increase their output.
  27. Menus
    Guillermo Tellez Drops a New Menu at Square 1682The new menu brings together the season’s usual suspects with some unusual flavor.
  28. Menus
    Matyson Settles Into an Autumnal MoodThe newly launched menu digs deeper into the season and what it has to offer.
  29. Beer Me
    Percy Street Taps One of Only A Few Barrels of Yards’ Cerebus Triple WetThe new small batch ale, which is brewed with fresh picked hops, is in short supply.
  30. Menus
    Meritage Gets Into the Autumnal Groove With a New Squash Tasting MenuThe fall flavor-forward menu focuses on squash.
  31. Beer Me
    That Pumpkin Predicament Won’t Disrupt Iron Hill’s Great Pumpkin AleLike LaPierre, most craft brewers had their pumpkin beers brewed and in fermenting tanks before the hellacious weather struck.
  32. In Season
    The Nation Is Facing a Serious Pumpkin Predicament!Flooding in the northeast, drought in the Midwest, and cool temps on the West Coast have all but wiped out this fall’s pumpkin harvest.
  33. Menus
    It’s Not Scarf Weather Yet, But Matyson’s Pushing Fall FlavorsThe menu doesn’t necessarily push the season prematurely, but fall flavors represent.
  34. Deals
    Where to Eat LobsterForget the dog days, let’s focus on the lobster days instead.
  35. Menus
    Osteria Updates Its Menu For SummerWith his new menu Jeff Michaud swaps out spring’s ingredients for summer’s bounty.
  36. In Season
    It’s Alcapurria Season at Sazon!The Puerto Rican empanadas here are made with green plantains and go great with the new booze selection.
  37. In Season
    Ramp Rage: Amanda Cohen Says ‘Ramps Are for Worship, Not for Dinner’“Are you crazy? Cook with the God of All Vegetables whose coming is greeted every spring with hosannas and hymns?”
  38. In Season
    Soft-Shell Crab Season Has Begun! (Somewhat)Here’s who’s got ‘em.
  39. In the Magazine
    Roman’s and Lot 2 Get Three Stars; the Burger Trend Don’t StopPlus, the season’s best apples and most creative pastrami dishes, in this week’s magazine.
  40. In Season
    The Great Ramp Debate Ramps UpFood writers revolt against chefs running ramp-ant.
  41. In the Magazine
    The Storm Over Salt; Platt Goes to the MuseumsAlso in the magazine: a blood-orange salad recipe, and a chili con carne cook-off in Brooklyn.
  42. In the Magazine
    Adam Platt on Tipsy Parson; Urban Forager: Bakery EditionAlso in the magazine this week: black-radish gratin, and where to eat in Hell’s Kitchen.
  43. In the Magazine
    Underground Gourmet Relaxes at Eat; Where to Buy Artisanal JerkyAlso in the magazine: Print opens, and Joaquin Baca makes Seven-Layer Dip.
  44. In the Magazine
    The Everything Guide to Soup; Platt on Le CapriceAlso in the magazine this week: Roast Christmas Goose, and Momofuku tamales.
  45. In the Magazine
    Platt on SD26 and Abe & Arthur’s; the Many Coffees of Union SquareAlso in the magazine this week: Fresh-ginger tea, and pork for Thanksgiving.
  46. In the Magazine
    Platt Welcomes A Voce Columbus; Totonno’s ReturnsPlus: Chestnuts are in season, English breakfasts gain popularity, and more in this week’s magazine.
  47. In the Magazine
    Underground Gourmet on Bill’s Bar and Burger; Danish Pancakes Surface inAlso in the magazine this week: Mexican cabbage salad, and a budget French lunch.
  48. In the Magazine
    Platt’s Twofer at Joseph Leonard and Civetta; the Gourmet Egg SandwichAlso in the magazine this week: purple carrots, and locally raised Thanksgiving turkeys.
  49. In the Magazine
    Adam Platt on Aureole; Where to Find Olive-Oil CakeAlso in the magazine this week: Concord-grape sorbet, and the New York Wine & Food Festival.
  50. In the Magazine
    The Final Word on Fried Chicken; Adam Platt on SHO Shaun HergattAlso in the magazine this week: Plum-tomato shakshuka, and Stuffed Artisan Cannolis.
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