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In Praise Of The Deli

  1. In Praise of the Deli
    Take Grub Street’s Deli Wall Celebrity-Photo QuizCan you identify where each of these classic photos currently hangs?
  2. In Praise of the Deli
    My Pastrami-Fueled Fever-Dream: What It’s Like to Spend All Night atAfter a certain hour, the legendary restaurant begins to feel true to the spirit of New York’s grimy nocturnal history, one that now only appears in glimpses.
  3. In Praise of the Deli
    A Trip to David’s Brisket House, the Jewish Deli That’s Run byThere’s an elaborate backstory behind every venerated deli in New York, but the story behind David’s Brisket House is more elaborate and convoluted than most.
  4. In Praise of the Deli
    What It Takes to Cut the Coveted Legendary Pastrami at Katz’s“They used to sharpen a knife for you, and you have, like, an older Russian or an older Jewish guy standing over you.”
  5. In Praise of the Deli
    New York City’s 8 Essential DelicatessensFrom the Bronx down to Brooklyn, these are the places all pastrami lovers must visit.