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Impossible Tables

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    What to Do When You’re Turned Away at CarboneWhen one reservation proves impossible, turn to one that is merely very difficult.
  2. impossible tables
    A Seat at Torrisi? It’s Easier Than You Think.But whatever you do, don’t leave.
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    Is Claud Still the City’s Most Mobbed Wine Bar?Our impossible-tables correspondent heads to the East Village prepared to wait.
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    Finally, a Tough Table That’s Actually ToughUgly Baby doesn’t need to pretend that it’s popular.
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    Think It’s Impossible to Get Into Foul Witch? Think Again.An on-the-ground investigation into the popular East Village wine bar.
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    Tatiana Is New York’s Most Impossible Table — or Is It?How I got a table at Kwame Onwuachi’s always-booked Lincoln Center restaurant.
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    New York’s Most Impossible TablesA short look at the city’s long history of restaurant exclusivity.
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    $200 Just to Get in the Door at Don AngieDigital sellers want to help you land the hardest reservations in town.