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Ike’s Place

  1. Imports
    Ike’s Place Reluctantly May Have a Few Dodgers Sandwiches When It Comes to L.A.Ike Shehadeh is pretty sure Jackie Robinson and Vin Scully will get their’s when he comes to the city.
  2. Openings
    Ike’s Place Opens Eleventh Outpost in Santa ClaraIt’s right next to Santa Clara University.
  3. Empire Building
    Ike’s Expands Again, to Danville and Walnut CreekThe Danville location will open first, in the Trader Joe’s shopping center.
  4. Sandwichland
    Behold the Paul Reubens, and All of Ike’s Other SandwichAnother media moment with the overhyped sandwich shop.
  5. Openings
    Ike’s Opens In Oakland, Next to Plum and Bakesale BettyIke’s is also doing a copycat fried-chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty, which they’re calling The Bakesale.
  6. Sandwichland
    Ike’s Place Moves In Next Door to Plum in OaklandThis would be Ike’s fifth Bay Area location.
  7. Freebies
    Happy Birthday, Ike’s Place! They’re Giving Away More FreeIt’s their fourth birthday today!
  8. Freebies
    Ike’s Giving Away Free Sandwiches In Exchange For TweetsThe giveaway’s only good today.
  9. Lists
    If a Vegan Made a Bucket List of Foods, Wouldn’t Bacon Make It On There?’7x7’ creates a veg/vegan supplement to their Big Eat list, and it’s kind of sad.
  10. Empire Building
    Ike’s Empire Grows Anew This Weekend in Redwood CityThe latest location, Ike’s 4th, is in Redwood City.
  11. Empire Building
    Ike’s Expanding to Berkeley, Partnering with Original SoupMan?The new spot would be on Bancroft Way, right next to Cal’s campus.
  12. Reopenings
    Ike’s Reopens, Starts Filming a Reality Series, NIMBYs Already LosingThey started filming a pilot for a Discovery Channel series this morning, and an irate neighbor already stormed in to blame Ike for the car blocking her driveway.
  13. Sandwichland
    Ike’s Place Finally Making the Move to Its Permanent Digs This WeekendIke’s is making the move to 3489 16th Street as of tomorrow or Sunday.
  14. Hopelessly Delayed
    Ike’s Remains, As Ever, In LimboThe move back to 16th Street is still on hold.
  15. Sandwiches
    Ike’s Place to Expand to L.A.Thanks to ‘Man v. Food’ and a much-covered NIMBY battle, this sandwich place became hugely popular in San Francisco, and now they’re expanding down south.
  16. Sandwiches
    New Ike’s Place Delayed Until January 25Will there be an Ike’s-less moment in January?
  17. Reopenings
    Ike’s to Be Reborn, Back on 16th Street, With City’s BlessingPlanning approved Ike’s move to 3489 16th Street by a unanimous vote.
  18. Sandwiches
    Ike’s Place (Possibly) Relocating Once Again, Just Up the Street From OldPending approval from the city, Ike’s will move to the former Joseph Schmidt Confections space.
  19. The Great Outdoors
    Where to Grab Some Picnic Food Before Heading to the ParkOur guide to portable fine foods.
  20. Reopenings
    BREAKING: Ike’s Is Reborn in the Castro, at LimeThey’ll be sharing space with Castro lounge Lime, which has a popular brunch. Things might become complicated.
  21. Closings
    Ike’s Place to Close, For Real This Time, TonightIke’s Place is throwing a party tonight, and will be closed as of tomorrow.
  22. Endangered
    The Lower Haight Woos Ike’s
  23. Sandwichland
    BREAKING: Ike’s Almost Shutters, Gets Last Minute StayThe beloved, much hyped sandwich shop has to vacate by 6 a.m. tomorrow.
  24. Endangered
    Ike’s to Face Standoff With SheriffIke’s is pretty much done for next week.
  25. Endangered
    Ike’s Still Fighting That EvictionIke’s Place won’t go gently.
  26. Sandwichland
    Sandwich Addict 911! Ike’s May Finally Have to Vacate on August 26The uber-popular Castro sandwich shop has to relocate, and fast.
  27. Community Bored
    City Now Trying to Screw Over Ike’s PlaceThe Planning Department has suddenly discovered that Ike’s Place never had a permit to sell sandwiches out of their 16th Street location.
  28. Mediavore
    Lines Follow Ike’s Everywhere; Gulf Seafood Impacts Are Still Unknown
  29. Neighborhood Watch
    Mission Chinese Food Will Bring the Spice, Ike’s Saved for Now, and MoreIke’s survives hearing, a new restaurant called Melody comes to the Outer Mission, and more.
  30. Sandwiches
    Ike’s Place May Shutter As Soon As This WeekThe popular sandwich shop’s fate gets decided tomorrow.
  31. Community Bored
    Ike’s Neighbors Would Settle for $1MIke’s upstairs neighbors are willing to move, if Ike pays them handsomely out of his profits.
  32. Beef
    Yikes! Ike’s Possibly Closing?Due to beef with the neighbors, Ike’s may have to close and won’t relocate for the better part of this year.
  33. Community Bored
    NIMBYs Cry Foul Over Crowds at Ike’s; the NYT Tackles SF’s Street FoodThe ‘Times’ looks in on the popular sandwich joint, as well as the brewing controversy over street food regulation.
  34. Lists
    PETA’s Favorite Vegan MeatballsThe animal-rights organization IDs the country’s best meatless meatballs.