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  1. chains
    IHOP Wants to Open the Shake Shack of PancakesThe breakfast chain thinks its food can be even faster and cheaper.
  2. taste test
    Are the New Beers From Dunkin’ and IHOP Actually Any Good?Grub Street takes two marketing ploys for a test drive.
  3. ihop
    Oh, God, There’s IHOP Beer, NowAs if the whole IHOb burger campaign wasn’t enough.
  4. marketing gimmicks
    Why Is Everyone Falling for IHOP’s ‘Name Change’?Next week, IHOP will become IHOb… maybe.
  5. terrible receipts
    IHOP Prints N-Word on Teen’s Receipt, Apologizes With $10 Gift CardThe server has naturally been fired.
  6. the chain gang
    Why National Pancake Day Is the Only Food Holiday Worth Caring AboutGet some pancakes and help support a good cause.
  7. sexual harassment
    Records Show Years of Sexual-Misconduct Complaints at Applebee’s and IHOPThey’re reportedly the only two chains sued four times since 2010.
  8. video feed
    IHOP Robbery Thwarted by Waiter Who Is a Frickin’ Black Belt“It was my IHOP’s money in the register, and I’m not gonna let anybody take that.”
  9. the chain gang
    Restructuring of Applebee’s and IHOP May Cost Thousands of Employees Their JobsThe parent company estimates that as many as 160 locations could close.
  10. freebies
    It’s the One Day a Year You Should Eat at IHOPFreebies for National Pancake Day.
  11. the chain cang
    World’s First Combination IHOP-Applebee’s Set to Open Next YearThe new mega-concept will open in downtown Detroit.
  12. freebies
    You Can Get Free Chick-fil-A and Cheap IHOP Pancakes TodayIf that sounds like your kind of thing.
  13. tips
    Man Writes ‘Gay Is Wrong!’ Instead of Actual Tip on IHOP BillThis is the worst trend.
  14. Restaurant Brawls
    IHOP Staffers Turned Their Entire Restaurant Into an All-out Brawl“Somebody was holding a baby and still trying to fight.”
  15. Crime Scene
    An IHOP Worker Got Arrested for Giving Away $3,000 Worth of Free DrinksThe self-described “modern-day Robin Hood” is facing felony charges.
  16. Tips
    IHOP Calls ‘Black Ppl’ Receipt a ‘Teachable Moment’First lesson: Maybe don’t call future racist receipts “teachable moments.”
  17. Bans
    Applebee’s and IHOP Will Eliminate Soda From Their Kids’ MenusThey’re the first casual-dining restaurant chains to get on the anti-soda bandwagon.
  18. Acts of God
    The End Is Nigh for IHOPNature has apparently decided it’s time to put an end to the pancake chain.
  19. Celebrity Settings
    Rachel McAdams Slurps Oysters at Crave; Dakota Fanning Goes to IHOPThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  20. Deals
    IHOP Is Basically Giving Away Pancakes TodayA short stack costs just 57 cents, in honor of its 57th birthday.
  21. The Chain Gang
    IHOP Is Rolling Out a Creepy New LogoIt’s supposed to get customers to smile.
  22. Free Stuff
    It’s Free Pancake Day at IHOP! Freak Out!Go get yourself a short stack of buttermilk pancakes.
  23. Short Stacks
    IHOP Blew Up Twitter With This Dumb TweetBan all corporate food Twitter accounts.
  24. The Chain Gang
    IHOP Just Introduced NYC’s Saddest Outdoor Dining OptionEnjoy warm flapjacks with a view of 14th Street’s hot July concrete.
  25. Closings
    Universally Despised West Village IHOP ClosesRooty Tootie Fresh N’ Dead is more like it.
  26. Chip Yo Self
    Three Food Companies That Might Want to Rethink Their Social-Media Strategies“We meant no disrespect to the area or artists. The tweet has been deleted.”
  27. Maple Syrup Smell
    Lots of High People Are Taking Advantage of Free Pancake Day at IHOP“I just wanna get high and go to IHOP today.”
  28. Freebies
    Free Pancakes at IHOP; Gratis Fro-Yo at Pinkberry and MenchiesIf you move fast, you may meet Miss America over your short stack.
  29. leftovers
    Pizza Roma’s Secret Garden; Summer Produce Cooking ClassesPlus, IHOP fined for noise after more complaints from bacon-haters.
  30. Baconbusters
    The Smell Is GoneNo more bacon smells at IHOP, thanks to an expensive machine, in the East Village.
  31. Leftovers,
    West Village Getting an IHOP; Learn Pasta-Making at BettoPlus: Andaz Wall Street’s Farmers’ Market returns, Soft Serve Fruit Co.’s new breakfast, and more of today’s leftovers.
  32. Lawsuits
    IHOP Sued by Fired Arab Muslim WorkersThe men claim repeated abuses, including annual emails telling them to “lay low” on September 11.
  33. Video Feed
    IHOP Once (Sincerely) Fought Against DiabetesA little bit of ironic history from the early nineties.
  34. Fire
    Port Richmond Dealt a Breakfast BummerThere’s now word yet if anything was stolen.
  35. The Chain Gang
    How Much Rent Does IHOP Pay for Its 14th Street Location?Quite a bit! But we bet they can afford it.
  36. Quote of the Day
    IHOP Neighbors Beleaguered by Bacon SmellLiving behind IHOP is no picnic.
  37. Mediavore
    Captain Kirk Boldly Deep-Fries a Turkey; Cambodia Fries Up TarantulasWilliam Shatner plays it safe as a chef for a new All State spot.
  38. Mediavore
    Pepsi Will Continue Running Ads During Penn State Games; State Farm Enlists WillPlus: IHOP tests self-serve express shops; and even Ming Tsai botches dinner from time to time, all in our morning news roundup.
  39. Mediavore
    Hosting A Holiday Party? Hire A Sushi Chef; Would You Eat Self-Serve IHOPPlus William Shatner teaches you how to deep-fry a turkey, and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  40. Not Okay
    The Limelight Is Crying InsideSomebody make it stop.
  41. Boom Ba-Ba
    Much Like Its Customers, IHOP Is Getting LargerNostalgia comes at a hefty price.
  42. The Chain Gang
    IHOP Knows You Don’t Really Want That SaladWe all say we want healthier food options, but we just keep on ordering Double Downs!
  43. Mediavore
    Hit-and-Run and Looming Strike Cast a Dark Cloud Over Citizen’s Bank Park;Plus: Gunmen target pizza delivery drivers; and Feds raid IHOPs in Indiana and Ohio, all in our morning news roundup.
  44. Pancakes
    Sorry, Health, IHOP Is HereWhere you won’t find Michael Pollan.
  45. Mediavore
    Shooting at Nevada IHOP Leaves Five Dead; McDonald’s Ravaging Rain ForestsThe small town of Carson City is shocked after a restaurant murder spree.
  46. Neighborhood Watch
    New Sarabeth’s in Tribeca; La Esquina Launches Salsa RojaPlus: Eataly offers birthday deals, and more, in our daily round up of neighborhood news.
  47. Superman
    Superman Is Here And He Wants PancakesWe’re not sure why they started filming here.
  48. The Chain Gang
    Nineteen Chain Restaurants Pushing Healthier Stuff for KidsWill kids order healthier stuff if it’s marketed better on kids’ menus? This remains to be seen.
  49. Mediavore
    Jackass Star Was Drinking at a West Chester Bar Prior to Fatal Crash;Plus: Nearly eight percent of US children suffer from food allergies; and the Earth’s oceans are in much worse shape than previously thought, all in our morning news roundup.
  50. Closings
    East Village Loses Mars Bar and Gains … IHOP!Mars Bar finally gets a death date.
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