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  1. what’s going on
    Wait — Is Times Square Suddenly a Good Restaurant Neighborhood?In a shocking twist, New York’s most derided neighborhood has seen an infusion of, uh, good places to eat and drink.
  2. openings
    Ichiran Ramen Opens First U.S. Branch in BrooklynWith its “flavor concentration booths,” the Japanese chain takes solo dining to the extreme.
  3. Eight Years Later
    Ichiran Will Finally Open a Ramen Shop in NYCGet ready to slurp tonkotsu in the privacy of your own partitioned seating, for real this time.
  4. Openings
    Ichiran Ramen Will Pre-Open As Members-Only Noodle ShopThe much-anticipated ramen joint is accepting applications.
  5. Openings
    A Japanese Mercenary Enters Noodle WarCan New York support a troop surge in the ramen wars? A Chowhound poster recently reported that an Ichiran ramen shop would open in Greenpoint. While Ramen Setagaya and Momofuku vie for soup-bowl supremacy, Ichiran, one of Japan’s top ramen chains, is making its entry in an area better known for tenements and pork stores.