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  1. culinary school
    We Graduated Culinary School. Now What?Training to work in an industry in peril.
  2. immigration
    ICE Targets Immigrant Workers at Poultry Processing Plants Across MississippiA total of 680 people were arrested in the raid; 300 have since been released.
  3. immigration
    Government Drops Deportation Case Against Pizza Deliveryman Pablo VillavicencioPablo Villavicencio will be allowed to stay in New York with his wife and two daughters.
  4. immigration
    Pizzeria Employee Held by ICE Freed After Nearly Two MonthsPablo Villavicencio will be allowed to secure valid immigration status.
  5. Downtown
    ICE Moving Campus to Brookfield Place in 2014 [Updated]There will be no shortage of places to eat around campus.
  6. Mediavore
    Designer Ice Threatens Antarctic; Vigil Held For 22-Year-Old Killed by Police atIt may improve your cocktail at the expense of polar bears’ lifespan.
  7. Mediavore
    Competitive Eating Champ Kobayashi Sets Wing Bowl Record; Fancy Cocktail Ice IsPlus: Experts say beer is better match for cheese than wine; and an investigation is under way to tie Taco Bell to a salmonella outbreak in Oklahoma, all in our morning news roundup.
  8. Mediavore
    Filene’s Basement Site Will Get Restaurants; High-End Ice Hurts Polar BearsPlus Taco Bell and salmonella, and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  9. Booze You Can Use
    Ice: Is It a Noble Gesture or Just a Gimmick to Make You Buy More Booze?Noble’s barkeep says ice keeps your drinks cool, but L.A.’s ice king says otherwise.
  10. What to Drink
    When Beer on Ice Is Nice: The MicheladaFive local favorites.
  11. Booze You Can Use
    Ice Expert: Fancy Ice Is Just a Ploy to Make You Drink MoreThe thing you thought makes drinks better might in reality be one big snow job.
  12. Marketing Gimmicks
    Drinks Over Dearborn’s Pricey IceyAn $8 ice cube makes its Chicago debut.
  13. What to Eat
    Violet Hour’s Eight Kinds of Ice
  14. Cocktails
    Johnny, NeatThe pastry playboy is using spherical ice cubes at PDT.
  15. Don’t Quit Your Day Job
    You, Too, Can Be a Chef’s Assistant!Learn from Anthony Bourdain’s right-hand woman.
  16. Newsfeed
    ICE Trains the Next Generation of Food BloggersA series of classes teaches you how to surf the wave of food blogs, shows, and podcasts.