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Huy Fong

  1. Taste Tests
    The Great American Sriracha Taste-OffIs Tabasco’s new sriracha possibly better than Huy Fong’s beloved variety?
  2. Trouble in Roosterland
    City Council Declares Sriracha Factory Smell a Public NuisanceHuy Fong Foods will have 90 days to remedy the situation before the city takes action.
  3. Srirachapocalypse
    Sriracha Company Mulling Over Move to Philly, AnyhowHuy Fong Foods is feeling the burn.
  4. Feeel The Burn
    Sriracha Factory Ordered to Cease Unneighborly Operations by California JudgeIs Huy Fong getting squeezed out?
  5. Feel the Burn
    Sriracha Costs Just $1.75 a Bottle for WholesalersA new business opportunity is on your horizon.
  6. Twelve Angry Srirachas
    Sriracha Factory Can Stay Open, Judge RulesNeighbors describe the Sriracha stench as something along the lines of napalm in the morning.
  7. Feel The Burn
    Sriracha Is Ruining People’s LivesWill a California court force the factory to stop production “until the smell can be reduced”?
  8. Feel the Burn
    David Tran, Sriracha’s Not-So-Under-the-Radar Founder: A Reading ListStop me if you’ve heard this one before.