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Hurricane Sandy

  1. Foodievents
    Sandy Benefit Gets You Access to Sandy, the Dog From AnnieWhy not go see a show?
  2. Soy Bomb
    Gas Stored in Soy Sauce Containers Starts Blaze at Sushi RestaurantSoy sauce buckets are not approved containers.
  3. Word Is Bond
    Invest in Fort Defiance’s Future With These Famous Bartender BondsIt’s a good investment.
  4. Truckin’
    Food Trucks Are the Heroes, Not Villians, in Post-Sandy N.Y.More than 100,000 free meals have been served since last week.
  5. Foodievents
    Check Out the Lineup for Momofuku’s Benefit to Rebuild GovernorHelp Governor rebuild.
  6. Breakfasts of Champions
    What City Officials Ate During SandyBreakfasts of champions (and some elected officials).
  7. Reopenings
    Red Hook Fairway Will Reopen With Second-Floor RestaurantThe grocery store is coming back with a few new features.
  8. Quote of the Day
    Allison and Matt Robicelli Are Incredible PeopleThey handed out 1,000 PB&J sandwiches one day.
  9. Closings
    Boom Closes in SohoThe restaurant’s Sandy-related damage is estimated at $100,000, but the $15k-per-month rent is really killing them.
  10. Boardwalk Empires
    Cha Cha’s in Coney Island Has Had Enough“The place is an awful wreck.”
  11. Downtown
    Times Critic Loves DowntownWhen you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go … downtown.
  12. Tip Well
    Anthony Bourdain Also Has Some Thoughts on Post-Sandy ReliefOne potwasher at a time.
  13. Hurricane Sandy
    How to Help: A List of Sandy Benefits and Relief Efforts Happening in New YorkWe’ll continue to update this list as we hear about more benefits.
  14. Chinatown
    Chinatown Comes Back Strong After SandyAfter a few days without power, the sidewalk markets and restaurants are reopening.
  15. Pickup
    Fort Defiance and Governor Start Picking Up the PiecesTwo Brooklyn restaurants are documenting the path to recovery.
  16. Lox Picker
    How the ‘Lox Sherpa’ of Russ & Daughters Kept His Cool During SandyFrom thin air to thin slices.
  17. Hurricane Sandy
    Platt’s Sandy DietHalf-frozen bagels and hard-boiled eggs.
  18. ZOMG YES!
    Bright Lights, Big City: Lower Manhattan’s Power Returning for the WeekendIt’s a hopeful note to end on after a long, arduous week.
  19. Storm Surge
    The Gowanus Whole Foods Site Likely Flooded, and Fairway Will RebuildTwo grocery stores. One storm.
  20. Hurricane Sandy
    How to Help: A List of Sandy Benefits and Relief Efforts Happening inThough recovery is moving ahead, there’s still a long way to go.
  21. Inspections
    DOH Is Monitoring, But Won’t Crack Down on ‘Candlelit’The health department is not issuing citations so much as trying to steer restaurant owners in the right direction.
  22. Special Delivery
    How Seamless Weathered the StormThey deliver for you.
  23. Who Runs Bartertown?
    Restaurants Turn to Bartering Food for GasolinePrices are listed in pies-per-gallon.
  24. Programming Notes
    New York Taste Will Be Canceled This YearStorm-related difficulties are to blame.
  25. Celebrity Settings
    Bloomberg at Bistro Le Steak; Emma Stone Seeks Shelter at the MarkPlus: Vince Vaughn at Buddakan, Leonardo DiCaprio at Lavo, and more in this week’s celebrity dining.
  26. Market Watch
    The Markets of New York Are Reopening [Updated]A little local color returns to the city streets.
  27. Neighborly
    Positively 4th Street: Get Hot Lunch at the Cardinal TodaySpaghetti on East 4th Street.
  28. Damage Report
    Dumpster Diving Downtown, Burgers and Lack of Awareness Uptown“People were coming up from downtown even though there were no Broadway shows for the past few days.”
  29. Video Feed
    David Chang Hits Fallon, Announces Multiple Red Cross BenefitsThe Momofuku team will host three benefits around the city today and tonight.
  30. The Grub Street Diet
    Mo Rocca Grabs Pre-Sandy Lucky Charms, Appreciates Post-Sandy Caipirinhas“In my mind, I didn’t have to feel guilty about having sugary cereal, because there was a storm coming.”
  31. Reopenings
    Whole Foods in Union Square Finds Juice to Power Its JuicersA downtown Whole Foods is back in action.
  32. Damage Report
    TV, Video Games, and Wieners: How Crif Dogs Kept the Lights On After SandyOwner Brian Shebairo is a “doomsday prepper.”
  33. Freebies
    Here’s Where to Find Some Truly Free Food (and Some Righteous Beer) ThisHere’s a few places with free food.
  34. Whopper
    Mama Burger’s Burger Is Missing in Coney IslandHave you seen this hamburger?
  35. Damage Report
    Coping When They Should Be Cooking: The Impressive Resolve of New York’sEven in the most dire of circumstances, New York’s chefs have a workmanlike approach to getting back on their feet.
  36. Metrics
    Is the Starbucks Index New York’s Version of the Waffle House Index?Do coffee shop reopenings indicate the city as a whole is starting to bounce back?
  37. Reopenings
    Defonte’s in Red Hook Is Open AgainThey may not have bacon, but they do have wisecracks.
  38. Supermarket Sweeps
    Fairway in Red Hook Is Not Giving Away Free FoodThe reports are not true.
  39. Cleanup
    Six Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Sandy-Damaged Restaurants in New YorkHow to help your favorite spots recover from Hurricane Sandy.
  40. Truckin’
    Which Food Trucks Are Back in Action?One site keeps track of the trucks and street vendors that are brave enough to deal with Manhattan’s crushing gridlock.
  41. Sustenance
    Supermarket Shelves Being Restocked, Albeit SlowlyGetting food to and from stores proves challenging, but not impossible.
  42. Damage Report
    More Sandy Fallout: Momofuku Was Ready, Batali and Bastianich Take a Big HitAnd River Cafe might have gotten the worst of it.
  43. The Other Critics
    The Other Critics: Uneven Service at Talde, More Praise for La VaraIt’s a Sandy-abbreviated week of critical reviews.
  44. Frankenstorm Eats
    After Sandy: Here Are the Bars, Restaurants, and Shops That Have ReopenedHere are some places that are open today.
  45. Damage Report
    Red Hook Bars and Restaurants Got It As Bad As You’d GuessRed Hook Lobster Pound, Rocky Sullivan’s, and Fort Defiance are all dealing with the storm’s aftermath.
  46. Charitable Contributions
    Quality Meats Will Donate Tonight’s Proceeds to Red CrossThe steakhouse will donate either tonight’s proceeds or $10,000, whichever is more.
  47. Damage Report
    Governor Hit Hard by StormTwo Dumbo restaurants took on more than their share of water.
  48. Aw Shucks
    Consider the Storm SurgeWould oyster populations be able to protect us from future storm surges?
  49. Damage Report
    Sandy Takes Out Mile End’s Production KitchenThe standout deli’s bakery and smoking facility is destroyed.
  50. Video Feed
    Watch Padma Lakshmi’s Audience-Free Fallon InterviewThe Top Chef host braved the weather and an awkward interview setup.
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