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Human Trafficking

  1. awful things
    New Report Says Thailand’s Seafood Is Still Being Caught by SlavesHuman Rights Watch calls government regulations little more than a “theatrical exercise.”
  2. Human Trafficking
    News Reports Have Helped Free 2,000 Enslaved FishermenFruits of the AP’s labor in its ongoing exposé.
  3. Bad Marketing
    SoBe Lifewater Accidentally Reminds Customers How Awful It Must Be to Work atA “Help me trapped in SoBe factory” bottle cap joke isn’t going over so well.
  4. Horrible Things
    Horrific Details Continue to Emerge About Southeast Asia’s Fishing SlavesLike working 24-hour shifts, sleeping on beds of dead fish, and watching others jump overboard.
  5. Awful Things
    A Restaurant Owner Allegedly Enslaved His Cook for Three YearsThis happened at Tandoori Grill in Los Angeles.
  6. Awful Things
    Chances Are Disgustingly High That You’ve Eaten Fish Caught by SlavesAn investigation led back to companies like Walmart, Kroger, and Sysco.
  7. Awful Things
    Guardian Says Shrimp Sold at Walmart and Costco Comes From Slave LaborA ‘Guardian’ investigation ties shrimp at several major retailers to fishmeal produced on Thai slave ships.
  8. Crime
    Owners of Kentucky Chinese Restaurant Charged With Human TraffickingInvestigators say the man and his wife made employees live in their basement.