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Hugh Jackman

  1. Gyoku
    Questlove Dreams of Jiro“I swear there is no filter.”
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Jackman Dreams of JiroWolverine and the gang stopped in for some sushi.
  3. Interviews
    Hugh Jackman on His New Coffee Shop, Paul Newman, and Being BFFs WithWolverine makes the coffee world a better place, himself a little more like Jean-Georges Vongerichten.
  4. Bffs
    Hugh Jackman and Jean-Georges Still TightThe chef and the movie star share food intimacies.
  5. Celebrifoodies
    Hugh Jackman: ‘I’ve Always Been a Foodie’“It’s, like, people in Hollywood are finally eating! Who isn’t a foodie these days?”
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Hugh Jackman Hits Ferry Building With Dave Chappelle; James Franco’sAlso, Kim Catrall was at Quince.
  7. TV Land
    Watch a Preview for Kimchi Chronicles, Starring a Bearded Hugh JackmanMarja Vongerichten’s new show debuts in New York this Sunday.
  8. Celebrity Settings
    Hugh Jackman, Darren Aronofsky Ominously Lunch at the Smith; Lindsay Lohan LikesPlus: Kathy Griffin gets full at SD26, Jean-Georges hosts Renee Zellweger at the Mark, and more, in this week’s roundup of celebrity settings.
  9. Openings
    What to Eat at Chickadee Chick, Now Serving Chicken and Custard in Park SlopeA newcomer bucks the fried-chicken trend by char-grilling.
  10. Civil Disobedience
    Inn ChaosProtesters cornered celebrities outside the Waverly Inn.
  11. Celebrity Endorsements
    Hugh Jackman and James Franco Give Props to Local Joints; Tina Fey Is CageySex symbols reveal what and where they like to eat.