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Howard Stern

  1. Fishhead
    Howard Stern’s Pescetarianism Explained by Beth SternIt started with a seagull.
  2. Mediavore
    A Howard Stern Producer Uses Jim’s Steaks to Launch His Campaign to BecomePlus a kung pao kitten recipe offends many, and doughnuts and coffee might make people smarter, all in our morning news roundup.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Foodies of the Stern Show: Stripper at The Four Seasons, Grillo BecomesWhere are these wack packers now? In kitchens, it turns out.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Diaz Dates ARod at CPK; Lohan Stays Sober at Chateau MarmontAn actress and a ball-player are spotted in Studio City while Lohan keeps out of trouble in Hollywood.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    ‘Howard Stern’ ‘Wack Packer’ Now Pours Baba-BubblyLife after a “Howard Stern” internship.
  6. Mediavore
    Ethiopia Stops Coffee Exports; Beef Sales DownPlus: Sketchy sourcing and desserts made from stout, all in our morning news roundup.
  7. The New York Diet
    Robin Quivers of ‘The Howard Stern Show’ Is Vegan at Per SeRobin Quivers used to pig out on Roy Rogers with Howard Stern, but six months ago she switched to a vegan diet.
  8. Ask a Waiter
    Boqueria’s Jeff Deisel Refuses to Take Reservations for Howard SternJeff Deisel was working as a bartender at nightclubs and then at Lower East Side Pan-Latino restaurant Suba before the owners of the latter invited him to be part of the opening team at their new joint Boqueria. He brought with him Suba’s (in)famous beer sangria but found that working at a straight-up tapas bar had a flavor all its own. We asked the bartender and server how local diners, including Ed Koch, are responding to the no-reservations rule, befuddling portions, and that elusive suckling pig.