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Hours Of Operation

  1. Hours of Operation
    Heyday Now Serving Roast Chicken DinnersThey’re now open until 7 p.m.
  2. Hours of Operation
    Biergarten Shifts to Spring/Summer HoursThey’re opening and closing one hour later now.
  3. Hours of Operation
    KronnerBurger to Add Fridays, Open for Super Bowl Sunday
  4. Openings
    The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen Opens For Real Today In the MissionOpening hours are daytime only, until 6 p.m.
  5. Hours of Operation
    FuseBox Starts Dinner Service Next Saturday, One Night a WeekThey’re now open for lunch, Thursday to Saturday, and Saturday for dinner starting December 8.
  6. Neighborhood Watch
    Danny Bowien Returns From New York; Park Tavern Adds Mondays; and MoreAlso, E&O Asian Kitchen has a cookie bucket.
  7. Nightlife
    Monarch Seeks to Extend Hours Until 4 A.M.Let the party go on…
  8. Brunch
    There’s a War on Brunch in BrooklynAn obscure law is being used to keep brunch off of sidewalks before noon on Sundays.
  9. Nonstaurants
    Reminder: LihoLiho Yacht Club TonightThere are still a few late-night tables left.
  10. Brunch
    State Bird Provisions Launches Brunch, Tuesday ServiceTonight’s their first Tuesday! Get your reservation now…
  11. Hours of Operation
    Drunk-Friendly Jack in the Box Wins Back Its Late-Night PermitThey can remain open 24 hours. Huzzah.
  12. Hours of Operation
    You Can Now Pick Up Dinner at Sweet WoodruffThey’re now open until 8 p.m.
  13. Hours of Operation
    Drunk-Friendly Richmond Jack in the Box Defends Its HonorThey’re still trying to get their late-night permit re-approved.
  14. Community Bored
    Richmond Residents Protest 24-Hour Jack in the Box Solely Because Drunk PeopleThere was a recent hit-and-run accident nearby which residents say is a byproduct of the drunk gathering spot.
  15. Neighborhood Watch
    Cotogna Extends Lunch All Day; Heart Now Closed; and MoreAlso, Cafe Prague hosts a block party.
  16. Hours of Operation
    Rebel and Sneaky’s BBQ to Close Mondays and TuesdaysRebel will remain a boppin scene Thursday to Sunday, and Sneaky’s will open Wednesdays too.
  17. Brunch
    Boxing Room Launches Brunch
  18. Brunch
    Brunch Drunk Love Shifts Their Hours
  19. Hours of Operation
    Just So You Know, Hyde Away Blues BBQ Is Open, But at Odd HoursThe Memphis-style BBQ isn’t open for lunch, and closes at 9.
  20. Hours of Operation
    Worn Out By Their Own Popularity, Bakesale Betty Scales Back HoursNot wanting to close either location just yet, they’re keeping the Uptown location open only on Tuesdays, and the Temescal spot open Wednesday through Saturday.
  21. Hours of Operation
    Coi Scales Back to Four Nights a WeekThey’ll now be open Wednesday through Saturday.
  22. Hours of Operation
    Hawker Fare Opens For Dinner ThursdayThe hours will be 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., Thursday through Saturday.
  23. Hours of Operation
    Hung Ry Will Serve Till 3 A.M.More chances to eat there after its four-star review.
  24. Hours of Operation
    Torrisi, Waverly Open to More of the PublicScoring tables at these hot spots just got a little easier.
  25. Hours of Operation
    Rockaway Taco Gets Ready To Board UpThe taco shack is here today but gone tomorrow (on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, anyway).
  26. Hours of Operation
    Sons & Daughters Starts Breakfast ServiceThe new restaurant at Bush and Mason is serving fresh pastries starting at 8 a.m. Wednesday through Sunday.
  27. Hours of Operation
    Empanada Mama Goes 24/7The midtown west store will take on the late-night halal carts.
  28. Hours of Operation
    Mile End Expands Hours, Adds Wine and BeerLox lovers will no longer suffer 5:30 p.m. heartbreak.
  29. Hours of Operation
    Kenmare Can Go Till 4 A.M.So this means it’s the next Beatrice, right?
  30. Taco Loco
    The World is Conspiring to Make You Eat Tacos ConstantlyBig Star and Mercadito both extend their menu availability.
  31. Hours of Operation
    Ina’s Temporarily Drops DinnerFor the rest of winter, Ina’s is doing just breakfast and lunch.
  32. Hours of Operation
    Le Cirque Dabbles in D.J.’s and Doormen, But Don’t Call It aThe fabled restaurant will now be throwing weekly parties with (gasp!) a promoter?
  33. Truckin’
    Monster Taco Truck Moves DowntownPaty’s is now serving up burritos, fajitas, and cheap tacos in Union Square.
  34. Game Changers
    Clover Food Truck After DarkThe truck is now serving dinner.
  35. Hours of Operation
    Monday Night(wood)The Pilsen hotspot goes seven nights a week.
  36. Hours of Operation
    After Midnight: Death & Co. Is Now Serving Till 2 a.m.Join in the celebration this Sunday.
  37. Hours of Operation
    Late Night With Cacio e VinoThe Sicilian spuntino now serves till 5 a.m.
  38. Hours of Operation
    Eric Greenspan Starts ‘Lunes Latinos’ at The FoundryThe Foundry is now open seven days a week with a fiesta every Monday.
  39. Hours of Operation
    Mazu Now Open for DinnerThey opened for lunch just three days ago, but have decided to stay open through the evening despite the lack of a liquor license.
  40. Hours of Operation
    Lunch Launches at The Fifty/50Get giant burgers all day at the Wicker Park spot.
  41. Hours of Operation
    Lunch Break at Bryant ParkGet a drink or a snack from noon to 9 p.m. most days.
  42. Hours of Operation
    Jo’s Does Brunch and Late-NightA look at the menus.
  43. Hours of Operation
    Good-bye, Frugal FridaysTomorrow will be the last night of Damon Wise’s pop-up.
  44. Hours of Operation
    You’ll Never Guess What’s True About Taxim TodayHint: it’s finally open for breakfast and lunch.
  45. Hours of Operation
    Sunday SuppersA jazz dinner and a barbecue night.
  46. Hours of Operation
    Pakistan Tea House Goes to Sleep EarlierA late-night standby is closing earlier owing to the recession.
  47. Hours of Operation
    Late Night With Scarpetta and Fette SauPlus, Murray Hill loses a late-night favorite.
  48. Brunch
    Hudson Square Brunches: Hollandaise Near the Holland TunnelBar Artisanal adds lunch, too.
  49. Hours of Operation
    Burger Breakthrough: Spitzer’s Corner Now Serves Burgers Till 5Twelve dollars gets you a short-rib burger, fries, and a shot.
  50. Hours of Operation
    Over a Year After Opening, Baddies Is Officially OpeningKingswood’s underground lounge wants to make it official. Again.
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