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Hot Pockets

  1. the dish
    Mister Paradise’s Apple-Pie Hot Pocket Is No JokeIt was partly inspired by another nostalgia-inducing fast-food archetype, the deep-fried classic chez Mickey D.
  2. Slumps
    Jim Gaffigan May Have Killed Hot Pockets Once and for AllKate Upton isn’t helping things much, either.
  3. The Chain Gang
    Jack in the Box Says It Sourced Meat From Now-Closed Meat CompanyThe chain says food safety is not a concern.
  4. Recalls
    California Slaughterhouse Allegedly Sold Meat From Cancer-Stricken Cows“Because the carcass looked good, [Rancho] mixed it back in with other beef that it sold under its label.”
  5. Video Feed
    Watch Jon Stewart Take on Subway’s Yoga-Mat Bread and the Hot PocketsThe guy just wants a mid-show snack.
  6. Total Recall
    Philly Steak & Cheese Hot Pockets Subject to Massive RecallHave a salad tonight.
  7. Cheesy Drizzle
    Watch Snoop Lion, Formerly Known As Snoop Dogg, Pitch Hot PocketsThis is what happens after a religious and artistic awakening.
  8. Mediavore
    What You’ll Find in a Camembert Rind; Nestle Axing 103 Hot Pockets StaffersFor some people, the cheese mold is “one of the world’s greatest living surfaces.”
  9. Blechtacular
    Lowbrow Brilliant: Spanish Pizza in a ConeIntroducing molecular gross-tronomy.
  10. Menu Changes
    675 Bar Expands Menu, But We’re Still Stuck on the Ham-Wrapped Hot PocketsFinally, a look at the chocolate-covered bacon on a stick!
  11. NewsFeed
    The Horror! Marco Pierre White Microwaves BaconWhat’s next, Hot Pockets?