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  1. Hot Lunch
    Tom Colicchio and Dan Kluger Join Fight to Supply Free School LunchesA critical mass of celebrity chefs is now pressuring City Hall Twitter.
  2. Hot Lunch
    Public-School Chicken Nuggets Way Grosser Than Anyone ImaginedWho knows what soy protein lurks in those “food-like nubbins”?
  3. Hot Lunch
    Chicago Schools Gave a Reporter a Hilariously Non-Specific Lunch-Ingredient ListSometimes a chicken nugget is just a chicken nugget, they say.
  4. Hot Lunch
    Middle School Students Were Refused Lunch for Really Dumb ReasonsThey should have been given cheese sandwiches.
  5. Hot Lunch
    Middle-School Worker Forces Kids to Throw Away Meals They Can’t Pay forThe food-service company that runs the lunch program has apologized.