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  1. such sweet sorrow
    Hooray, Americans Can Now Stress-Eat Twinkies Ice CreamHostess is angling to destroy America before Trump does.
  2. sweet jesus!
    America Reacts to Walmart’s Deep-Fried Twinkies in a Box“I think it is safe to say this is peak western civilization. Was a good run, folks.”
  3. cashing in
    Twinkies-Maker Hostess Gearing Up for an IPOFinally, a chance to invest in Ding Dongs.
  4. Sweet
    Now You Can Gorge on Deep-Fried Twinkies in the Comfort of Your Own HomeHostess has given the world a prepackaged version, and it’s available at Walmart.
  5. Snack Attack
    News Report Gives World Hope That Hostess Will Release ‘Frozen FriedPlus, a line of bread that won’t spoil for 65 days.
  6. Deals
    The Hostess Owners Believe They Can Flip the Company for $2 BillionAre Twinkies worth that much money?
  7. Slam Dunk
    Hostess Just Trolled Twitter With This Dumb Baseball Tweet“Touchdown.”
  8. Crumbs
    Americans Eat 24 Percent Fewer Cookies Than They Did a Decade AgoCakes, pies, doughnuts, and all kinds of other pastries, too.
  9. Closing Time
    Original Twinkies Factory Will Close After 84 YearsIt’s all Little Debbie’s fault.
  10. Beer Sale
    Pabst Brewing Company Is Most Likely for SaleThe beer-maker might fetch as much as $1 billion.
  11. Token Sales
    Chuck E. Cheese Sells to Hostess and PBR Owner for $950 MillionVertical integration: Twinkies, PBR, skee ball.
  12. Comebacks
    Wonder Bread Is Back!It’s returning to store shelves.
  13. Comebacks
    Yodels, Ring Dings, and Devil Dogs Return on MondayDrake’s cakes resume sales on September 23.
  14. Snack Attack
    Twinkie Expert Suggests Twinkies Most Likely Aren’t So EvilA snack-food icon returns, and some questions are raised.
  15. Sunday Twinkie Sunday
    Here’s a Look at the Brand-New ‘First Batch’ Twinkies BoxSure to be a collector’s item, maybe, someday.
  16. Twinkie Back
    Those New Twinkies Are Going to Be Healthier, Maybe, EventuallyWhole grains? Stevia? Seriously?
  17. YOLO
    Little Debbie Says Drake’s Cakes May Return by ‘Early Fall’Thank goodness, the suspense has been killing us.
  18. Twinkie Back
    Twinkies Make Triumphant Return to Stores July 15It’s once again time to load up the imitation-cream filling in the hydraulic spray nozzles!
  19. Twinkie Back
    Should the Newly Revived Hostess Brand Go the Way of the Cronut?“You’ve got to run and test product and train (workers) and all of that stuff.”
  20. Twinkie Back
    Twinkies to Return in July, But With Some Stiff CompetitionKnockoff Hostess snacks may hit shelves first.
  21. Twinkie Back
    Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and HoHos Spared by Maker of Pabst Blue Ribbon [Update:And the soon-to-be owner says everything will be back on shelves by this summer.
  22. With the Mostest
    The Yeastmaster: Flowers Foods Is Buying Wonder BreadSweet whole wheat!
  23. YOLO
    Drake’s Cakes Reportedly Sold to Little DebbieThat’s the yodel on the street, anyhow.
  24. Twinkie Back
    Pabst Blue Ribbon Is Really Maybe Buying TwinkiesAs long as they’re packaged in bundles together.
  25. Save Hostess
    Can Fan Art Save Twinkies?’Day of the Dead Twinkies’ is a masterpiece.
  26. Save Hostess
    Tastykakes-Maker Is Buying Hostess Bread Brands: Will Twinkies Be Saved?Flower Foods Inc. comes to the rescue.
  27. Good Buy
    Wal-Mart May Buy Hostess, Bring Back TwinkiesPhew. We were really worried for a minute there.
  28. Where’s the Cream Filling?
    Hostess Drew on Pension Funds to Cover Operating CostsThough not necessarily illegal, it’s still pretty scummy.
  29. Video Feed
    Watch Jamie Foxx Play an Angry Ding DongHe’s tired of Twinkies getting all the attention.
  30. Where’s the Cream Filling?
    Don’t Worry, Hostess Executives Will Apparently Still Get BonusesA bankruptcy judge approves a move to compensate nineteen corporate officers and managers.
  31. Video Feed
    Watch Jon Stewart’s Take on the Hostess ClosureNeedless to say, he isn’t too broken up about the demise of the “diabetes dispensary.”
  32. Farewell Cream Filling
    Twinkies Takeover? Tastykake Maker Is Top Contender to Bid for HostessGeorgia’s Flower Foods recently freed up cash, signaling that a bid for Hostess assets could be coming soon.
  33. Farewell Cream Filling
    Hostess Definitely Probably Still DeadMediation failed once again, and they’re back in bankruptcy court dealing with liquidation.
  34. Farewell Cream Filling
    False Alarm?: Hostess and Union Back at the Bargaining TableThere’s still a small chance that the company will be saved, at the urging of a federal judge.
  35. Sno Ball Apocalypse
    A Sno Ball’s Chance in Hell: Here Are Some Alternatives to Hostess CakesLike methadone, but for Twinkies.
  36. Video Feed
    Time to Mourn: Watch Sixteen Vintage Hostess CommercialsR.I.P. Twinkie the Kid. You’re gone, but not forgotten.
  37. Farewell Cream Filling
    The (Possible) End of Twinkies: Hostess Will Close ForeverThe company couldn’t reach a deal with striking workers.
  38. Ding Dong Apocalypse
    Twinkie Trouble: Hostess Facing LiquidationThe ballad of Twinkie the Kid is suddenly bittersweet.
  39. Expiring
    ‘Last-Ditch’ Deal Might Save Twinkies for All of UsBut if the deal goes south, Twinkies lovers will be SOL.
  40. Money Trouble
    Hostess Without the Mostest: Pay Cuts or Pension LossSnack time in the spotlight.
  41. Quote of the Day
    Twinkies: Nearing Expiration?Things are not looking good in Hostess’s bankruptcy battle against its own union.
  42. Mediavore
    Heart Attack Grill Customer Goes Into Cardiac Arrest; Jamie Oliver Finds aThe Naked Chef’s new restaurant has a treasure trove of loot in its basement.
  43. Mediavore
    Steven Fretz Joins Curtis Stone; Valley Village Massacre Victim Survives ElevenThe former XIV chef might also have future restaurant plans with the T.V. chef.
  44. Mediavore
    Economic Slump Puts a Pinch on Pre-Thanksgiving Partying in Manayunk;Plus the number of restaurants in Japan with Michelin stars could soon surpass those in France, and processed food companies plan to scale back sodium levels in their products, all in our morning news roundup.
  45. Mediavore
    City Council Wants Produce for Poor; Tallow Sculptures for T-DayPlus: Your Thanksgiving turkey is a genetic freak, Hostess and others agree to cut salt, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  46. Closings
    Spongy Sadness: Wonder Bread Leaves New YorkHostess will close Wonder Bread’s Jamaica, Queens plant.