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  1. Leftovers
    Sue Torres’s Tater Tots; Hospoda Hires René Bastian SteinPlus: cheap(er) eats under $10, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  2. In Season
    In Season: Hospoda’s Fried Egg Bread With Apple-Horseradish RelishIts super-pungent, sinus-thumping heat cuts the richness of winter’s meaty stews and braises.
  3. The Other Critics
    The Other Critics: Pete Wells Travels to Jersey City; Tejal Rao to BushwickPlus: Jay Cheshes praises Eleven Madison Park, Amelia Lester likes La Vara, and more in our weekly roundup of critical opinions.
  4. Slideshow
    First Look at Hospoda, Serving ‘Contemporary Central European’ NextYorkville’s Bohemian National Hall gets a modern Czech restaurant.