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Hosea Rosenberg

  1. TV Land
    Mini Top Chef Comes to Boston Next WeekMake like Padma and critique some food.
  2. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Top Chef Jamie Lauren Joins Venice’s BeechwoodAlready the chef has retooled the gastro-pub’s burger and promises a finished menu by the end of this weekend.
  3. Video Feed
    How Top Chef’s Hosea Carves a TurkeyThe season-five champ gives demos and decorating tips for Whole Foods.
  4. Top Chef
    Stefan Tells Us What We Want to Hear About Hosea’Top Chef Masters’ promises to be a lovefest, but last year’s villain is still talking smack.
  5. Marketing Gimmicks
    Top Chef: Shilling Across America!The new chefmobile tour promises to be an orgy of shilling.
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Hosea and Leah, Sitting in a … Restaurant?Plus, Mickey Rourke hits the town.
  7. Top Chef
    Cheftestants Now Free to Make Out All Over the PlaceStefan tongues lesbian, Hosea and Leah tongue each other.
  8. Top Chef Season Five
    Top Chef Exit Interview: the WinnerWe speak to the fifth winner of ‘Top Chef.’
  9. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Did the Villain Ever Stand a Chance?Would the judges really have let a rogue like Stefan be the face of the ‘Top Chef’ franchise?
  10. Top Chef
    Finale (Part 2)Our recap of the season five: New York finale.
  11. Top Chef
    The Last SupperWe talk with Platt about last night’s episode.
  12. Top Chef
    Regrets, Hosea Has a FewThe benevolent baldy issues a statement about the kiss.
  13. Top Chef
    Hot and BotheredStephen Starr literally gags in next week’s episode of ‘Top Chef.’
  14. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Adam Platt Misses Gail, Sees a Horror Show AheadLast night’s episode: Ham-fisted product placements, insipid background music, and forced bon mots.
  15. Top Chef
    Top Chef: Adam Platt Is Unnerved by PDA, Freakishly Bad DishesOur esteemed restaurant critic fears there are many bleak hours of non-drama ahead.
  16. Top Chef Chat
    Adam Platt Sees a Kinder, Gentler ‘Top Chef,’ Evil Baldy AsideThe new season of ‘Top Chef’ is finally upon us. Adam Platt rejoins us for a post-show chat.
  17. Top Chef
    ‘Top Chef’ Video Bios: Out With the ‘Faux’-hawks, inWhy are so many of this year’s cheftestants sporting the “insidious chin garnish”?
  18. Top Chef
    Cheftestants Revealed?Two Colorado chefs are said to be on the next season of ‘Top Chef.’