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    Man Accused of Crashing Car Into Restaurant, Killing Family Members As They AteA 62-year-old North Carolina man is at the center of the bizarre, tragic incident.
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    Waffle House Shooting Suspect Found By PoliceTravis Reinking was apprehended by Nashville police on Monday afternoon.
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    Employees at America’s Last Howard Johnson’s Say the Owner Sexually Abused ThemLongtime owner Jon LaRock allegedly abused or harassed at least 15 female workers in the past year.
  4. horrible things
    Courts Are Sending Drug Users to Chicken-Industry Labor Camps Instead of Prison“It was a slave camp. I can’t believe the court sent me there.”
  5. horrible things
    Restaurant Owner Suggests Killing NFL Players Who ProtestNot surprisingly, he’s since apologized.
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    California Man Dies After Eating Gas Station Nachos Tainted With BotulismThe outbreak has hospitalized at least nine other people.
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    Student Dies of Caffeine Overdose After Drinking Coffee and Energy DrinkDoctors say he suffered sudden cardiac arrest and died in about an hour.
  8. horrible things
    49 People in Russia Are Dead After Drinking Poisonous Bath OilOfficials say it’s the deadliest mass poisoning in years.
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    Food-Truck Owner Claims Devil Made Him Barbecue the Family DogPolice suspect it may have been the drugs he used.
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    Man Kills His Friend Over Restaurant BillOne hell of an IOU.
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    World’s Worst Person Sets North Dakota Somali Restaurant on FireOfficials say it’s almost certainly a hate crime.
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    P.F. Chang’s Cook Stabbed to Death at WorkHow horrifying.
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    Horrific Details Continue to Emerge About Southeast Asia’s Fishing SlavesLike working 24-hour shifts, sleeping on beds of dead fish, and watching others jump overboard.
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    Redditor Horrifies World With Photo of ‘Cheese’-Flavored StarbucksIs it a hoax? Is it used in cheesecake lattes? Or is it something more nefarious?
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    Bakery Owner Blames Rising Rents for Wife’s Apparent Suicide“We broke our backs for 31 years. We built this business.”