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Horrible Customers

  1. horrible customers
    Florida Man Legally Banned From Ordering PizzaHe made “at least” $667 worth of fake pizza orders.
  2. Horrible Customers
    Oxford Student Refuses to Tip Server Because She’s WhiteHe said he was “unable to stop smiling” after she cried “typical white tears.”
  3. Lawsuits
    Lawyer Threatens to Sue Restaurant for Running Out of SoupHe claims the menu is a “binding contract” that the eatery “breached.”
  4. Horrible Customers
    Truly Awful Customers Leave Hateful ‘Tip’ for Lesbian ServerThey wrote “Leviticus 20:13,” which casually notes gay people “shall surely be put to death.”
  5. Horrible Customers
    Customer Only Tips ‘Normal Looking People’The incident occurred at Iowa’s famously eccentric Zombie Burger.
  6. Horrible Customers
    Is This Dude the Most Brazen Coffee-Shop Computer User of All Time?He’s got enough wires for every outlet in the cafe.
  7. Tips
    Customers Generously Tip Waitress Who Received a Racist ReceiptThe note said, “Tip for U.S. citizens only.”
  8. Tips
    Frustrated Server Takes to Facebook to Explain Why a Customer Was Wrong Not to“… your insecurity as a woman is heartbreaking.”
  9. Horrible Customers
    Bartender Says He Received This Patronizing ‘Economics’ Card InsteadA customer was supposedly protesting Seattle’s $15 minimum wage in the worst way possible.