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Hopelessly Delayed

  1. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes
    Tosca Renovations, and Thus the Reopening, DelayedWe’re probably looking at a fall opening now.
  2. Hopelessly Delayed
    Umami Burger’s Oakland Outpost Delayed Until Year EndNo explanation’s been given.
  3. Previews
    Take a Peek Inside Farina PizzaIt’s looking like August or September at this point.
  4. Hopelessly Delayed
    Teatro ZinZanni May Not Reopen Until Late 2013They’ll take the show on the road to Costa Mesa this winter.
  5. Hopelessly Delayed
    An Update on Bi-Rite Divisadero, Now Due in Early 2013Divis may be the new Mission, but not really without this.
  6. Hopelessly Delayed
    Schulzies Bread Pudding Now Aiming for Late SummerOr maybe mid-summer. But probably later.
  7. Neighborhood Watch
    Schulzies Bread Pudding Delayed, Obviously; SHED to Feature Boulette’sAlso, Starbucks arrives on Pier 1.
  8. Hopelessly Delayed
    Farina’s Pizzeria Offshoot Might Actually Open One DayThe name remains up in the air.
  9. Hopelessly Delayed
    8 Washington Project Delayed AnewThe building, set to house two new restaurants, won’t go up for a scheduled vote at Planning just yet.
  10. Neighborhood Watch
    Grand Café Cooks ‘Misfit’ Animals; El Huarache Loco Debuts in
  11. Community Bored
    It Took Two Years to Open The Ice Cream BarTens of thousands of dollars later, the City finally relented and let the poor owner sell some damn ice cream.
  12. Empire Building
    Lers Ros to Open in Hayes Valley, For Real This Time, on FridayThe second location has been a bit delayed.
  13. Neighborhood Watch
    Mozzeria Delayed; Rum and Gin Classes Tomorrow; and More
  14. Hopelessly Delayed
    Revo, Slated for Polk Street, Looks Indefinitely DelayedIt seems to be stuck in Planning, maybe forever.
  15. Temporary Closings
    Spire Perhaps Not Totally Dead After All?They promised to re-concept and reopen May 1, but now they don’t know when it will happen, but they still say it’s happening.
  16. Hopelessly Delayed
    Vita, Laura Cunningham’s Aborted Yountville Project, Files for BankruptcyWe’re not sure this spells any kind of hope
  17. Hopelessly Delayed
    Ike’s Remains, As Ever, In LimboThe move back to 16th Street is still on hold.
  18. Previews
    Monroe Still Opening Soon-IshThe “Hollywood glam” booze and tapas venue is a little delayed.
  19. Hopelessly Delayed
    Trying to Open Anything In Berkeley Is a Bitch
  20. Hopelessly Delayed
    Vita Nixed in Yountville
  21. Hopelessly Delayed
    Bluestem Steakhouse Comes Back Alive, Is Under Construction
  22. Bars
    Update on Jones, Which Will Begin Serving Some Food (and Brunch) Next WeekThe food menu will kind of start on December 17, but won’t really arrive until the new year.
  23. Hopelessly Delayed
    Enormous Brasserie Not Actually Coming to 101 CaliforniaThe project is on hold pending a new space.
  24. Hopelessly Delayed
    Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s Running Scared Out of the Castro Over ParkingThe City wants the stores to put in paid parking to discourage drivers, but won’t nightmarish parking lots be enough of a discouragement?
  25. Hopelessly Delayed
    Vita on Hold in YountvilleThe new restaurant from Thomas Keller’s wife is in turnaround.
  26. Hopelessly Delayed
    Heh: Grub Delayed Again