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  1. r.i.p.
    Mixology Officially Dead With Announcement of Hooters SpiritsThe recorded time of death was July 29, 2019.
  2. the chain gang
    Hooters Thinks Home Delivery Might Make Its Brand Less ‘Polarizing’No, a Hooters Girl won’t be bringing you your food.
  3. cryptomaniacs
    Hooters Franchisee’s Stock Soars on News of a ‘Cryptocurrency Rewards Program’“Eating a burger is now a way to mine for cryptocoins!”
  4. the chain gang
    In Unsurprising News, Working at Breastaurants Is Bad for Women’s Mental Health“We want to raise awareness about the negative impact that these types of restaurant environments may have on female servers.”
  5. Here’s Where to Get Free Valentine’s Day Food, If You’re That DesperateHooter’s will give you a coupon if you shred a photo of your ex.
  6. is this really a big deal?
    Parents Surprised to Learn Kids’ Day Camp Was Staffed by Hooters WaitressesNo good deed goes unpunished.
  7. Customer Service
    A Hooters Waitress Donated One of Her Kidneys to a Dying Customer“I said, ‘Well I have two kidneys, do you want one of mine?’”
  8. Lawsuits
    Hooters Fired a Black Waitress Because She Dyed Her HairThe company will have to pay her $250,000 for racial discrimination.
  9. Empire Building
    America’s Fastest-Growing Restaurant Chain Is a Breastaurant Called TwinFounding motto: “Hooters just wasn’t racy enough.”
  10. Game-Faces
    Broncos Players Book Hackensack HootersHorses and owls, together at last.
  11. Complaints
    Ex-Employee Accuses Hooters of Racial DiscriminationFarryn Johnson says her hair coloring landed her in trouble.
  12. The Chain Gang
    Hooters Bans Gropey San Diego MayorBob Filner isn’t welcome in at least one of the breastaurant’s locations.
  13. Marketing Gimmicks
    Why You Should Take Mom to Hooters on Mother’s DayThe original breastaurant chain is hoping to appeal to mama this Sunday.
  14. Crime Scenes
    Hooters Bomb Scare Shutters Stretch of Hollywood BoulevardOnce in police custody, the suspect claimed he was “just joking.”
  15. Lawsuit
    Former Hooters Waitress Says She Was Forced to Quit After Shaving Head for BrainShe’s suing the franchise.
  16. Racistaurants
    Yet Another Racist Receipt Issued to a Chain-Restaurant Customer, This Time atThe latest in a series of racist receipts.
  17. Phew
    Peep World Becoming Nice, Wholesome HootersIt dodged the d-bag-bar bullet.
  18. Boob Food
    Hooters Nips It in the BudCompetition, that is.
  19. Mysteries
    Is Bud’s Ale House in Astoria Secretly a New Hooters?Evidence suggests the purported microbrewery is probably another macro-boobery.
  20. Boob Food
    The ‘Breastaurant’ Biz Is Perkier Than EverWatermelons and cantaloupes.
  21. Blechtacular
    What a Bust! Hooters Waitress Claims Breastaurant Gave Her TBEw.
  22. Neighborhood Watch
    Acapulco Reopening in Alameda; Hooters Comes to North Bay; and MoreAlso, there’s a new food truck pod at Levi’s Plaza.
  23. Breastaurants
    Penthouse Club Location Revealed, And It’s In North BeachThey’re taking the former Showgirls space.
  24. User’s Guide
    A Recent History of Restaurant Employees Writing Nasty Things About CustomersFourteen examples to make Chick-fil-A feel better about its racist-receipt debacle.
  25. Closings
    Thanks for the Mammaries: Hooters Shutters at the WharfAt least the Penthouse Club is on its way!
  26. Mediavore
    Captain Kirk Boldly Deep-Fries a Turkey; Cambodia Fries Up TarantulasWilliam Shatner plays it safe as a chef for a new All State spot.
  27. Beef
    Canz Letz Itz Girlz Be FreeUnlike Hooters, which is, like, such a drag, you know?
  28. Celebrity Settings
    Justin Bieber Takes Selena Gomez to Hooter’s; Oliver Stone Brings Cast toThe pint-sized pop-singer is clearly a hopeless romantic.
  29. Openings
    Hooter’s Hits Downtown on MondayThe first 100 guests will win chicken wings for a year…and a lifetime of regret.
  30. Beef
    Can’t These Breastaurants All Get Along?It’s Hooters vs. Canz on Long Island.
  31. Down The Shore
    Tropicana to Tramp Up Its Female DealersTropicana is the latest casino in Atlantic City to tart up its female staff.
  32. The James Weird Awards
    The James Weird Awards: Mouse Racing, Topless Thievery, and a Hooters With ClassPlus: dueling ice-cream trucks, an indecent proposal, and people who cut people who cut, all in our weekly roundup of weird restaurant news.
  33. Fever for Lefebvre
    Ludo Takes A Buffalo Stance in DenverSee some early food porn from LudoBites America.
  34. Where Not to Eat
    Hooters: Where They Drag The Trash Out Through the Middle of the Dining RoomBeth Spotswood files another ‘Tourist Trapped’ column, and it’s hilarious.
  35. Neighborhood Watch
    McSorley’s Throws Birthday Bash; Hooters Gives Discount to Married MenPlus:a sausage party in Chelsea, and more, in our roundup of neighborhood news.
  36. Valentine’s Day
    The Grafton Offers To Help You Dump Your ValentineA bottle of two-buck Chuck, stale crackers, and the crying of whales in your room ought to do the trick.
  37. Beef
    Hooters Under Attack for Kiddie T-ShirtsThey have onesies for infants that say things like “I’m a boob man” and “Future Hooters Girl.”
  38. Mediavore
    NOW Targets Hooters; Angelina Jolie Loves Spanish FoodThe National Organization for Women wants to protect children from booty shorts, while we pray the Hollywood Star doesn’t go on the road with Mario Batali.
  39. Mediavore
    Debi Mazar Cooks for Midnight Mission; Van De Kamp Bakery Renovation DrawsThe actress says she “grew up on food stamps,” while a famous bakery’s face-lift in Glassell Park becomes mired in controversy.
  40. The James Weird Awards
    The James Weird Awards: Death-Threat Hot Wings; Justin Bieber Tries FriedPlus: Gordon Ramsay hears gunfire while camping, topless women in restaurants, and shameless cooking-oil thieves, in our weekly roundup of weird restaurant news.
  41. Mediavore
    Busta Rhymes Accused of Hurling Bottle at Mr. Chow; Kid Rock Pays For WaffleTwo rap performers are dealing with the aftermath of misbehaving in restaurants.
  42. Mediavore
    FDA Cracks Down on Egg Factories; Mark Peel Prepares Campfire PotatoesInspections are planned for hundreds of egg facilities, while the Campanile chef pairs with Weiser Farms for next weekend’s food festival.
  43. Chocolate Is Good for your Heart; Twitter is BoringThere are hundreds of chefs and food writers on Twitter, but most of their feeds are dull
  44. Mediavore
    In Ocean City Saltwater Taffy and French Fries Are Art Supplies; Bouncers inPlus Osama bin Laden’s chef faces 14 years in jail, and chain restaurants get hip to Foursquare, all in our morning news roundup.
  45. Family Outings
    Maybe You Should Take Dad to Hooters for Father’s DayWhy not give him what he really wants?
  46. Mediavore
    Catching Up With Bay Area Food Legends; Another Hooters Waitress Sues
  47. Mediavore
    Immigration Raid Targets San Diego Bakery Owner; Serpico Stopped for ConcealedA famous bakery owner is at the center of new federal immigration tactics, while a legendary cop is caught with produce.
  48. Mediavore
    Toddler Milk Formula Now Available in Chocolate and Vanilla; 7UP to RelaunchPlus: Alfalfa sprouts recalled in ten states, popcorn may come with warning label, and a waitress sues Hooters after they told her to lose weight.
  49. Mediavore
    Sam Adams Designs Beef Cut; Alfalfa Sprouts RecalledPlus: PETA amasses shares, and KFC gets a new slogan, all in our morning news roundup.
  50. Mediavore
    McGinnis In at Philly Kitchen Share; Alfalfa Sprouts RecalledPlus: PETA amasses shares, and KFC gets a new slogan, all in our morning news roundup.
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